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Just like another band I’ve recently revied, Full Devil Jacket this band, Pyogenesis has taken over a decade to release new material.  And just like FDJ and even more so, this is a band I’d never heard of before.

Having checked up on this band, I found out this band was founded in 1991 in Stuttgart, and that they were in some sort the founders of the Gothic Metal Genre.

Kingfisher Sky

Huh...Kingfisher Sky...I knew I'd come across this Dutch Gothic/ Progressive Rock/ Metal band before, but upon checking my past activity sheet I found out that I didn't do a review of either of the band's previous two albums. Ah well, why don't we go over the band's history first then, shall we?


The Dutch combo Sin7sinS was formed in 2006 and did release one demo, before fading away in silence. It wasn’t until 2010 before they came up with a first studio album, Purgatory Ltd., which was released via Massacre Records. Press (at least quite a big deal) and audience welcomed the material with open arms, and live shows followed with the likes of Epica and Leaves’ Eyes, as well as Sepultura.


As far as I can gather, This Haarlem based Dutch Melodic Hardcore Punk band was founded in July of 2010, and following several increasingly popular shows released their debut single Gunshow some year and a half ago.

The Sedan Vault

Jimminy creepers...has it really been...why yes, it hàs been nearly 6 years since the Sedan Vault released its previous album, 2008's Vanguard. So...what has been happening to the band over that time?

Wasted Bullet

Wasted Bullet is a Melodic Hardcore band from the Netherlands. The band consists of: Robbert  (vocals), Joel (drums), Lesley (bass), Max (guitar) and Jasper (guitar). They form a rather young band because their websites contain little to nothing of info or band history. Now the band released an album last November, and to be honest they do an awesome job at it. Especially when you realize this is the bands first full album.

Psycho 44

Psych 44 is a stoner/garage rock band with electronic influences from Antwerp, Belgium. After reaching the finals of HUMO’s Rock Rally in 2010, they released their first EP “Demon” in 2011.

Black Spiders

Black Spiders are an English rock band from Sheffield, U.K.. The band was formed in early 2008, where hey originally played a few shows under the name 'The Black Spiders'. They released the single :"St. Peter" in December 2008, followed by a small tour.

Hey Kid

Hey Kid (what a stupid name) is a fairly good debut album where grunge-, classic-, alt-, punk- and stonerish rock passages flow into each other, effortlessly it seems. Of the more heavier tunes, “A wrapped solution” definitely sticks out, with some guitar solos and some harmonic drum tapping. The vocals could have been better, but they should not scare anyone away. The 9 rather short (2-5min) tracks stretch unimpressive musical ideas far too thin, and the instrumental sections never build into anything really exciting.


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