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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
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More than three years after Purulence (The Ajna Offensive), Greek Old School metallers Acrimonious return with their Agonia-debut Sunyata, which lasts for fifty five minutes. This newest studio effort was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sitra Ahra and Unreal Studio, under the professional assistance of Necromorbus Studio.

Sunyata opens with Nexus Aosoth, an eerie, ominous introduction. But as from Lykaria Hecate on, Acrimonious continue the path they left with Purulence, performing fast and melodic, guitar-driven, energetic and technical Black Metal with a very own-faced approach. The overall atmosphere is strictly occult, but the musical approach goes further than dwelling in between limited / limiting borders. Sunyata sounds timeless (very old school with a modern injection of craftsmanship) and universal (Scandinavian-meets-South-East European), playing with elements from Thrash, psychedelic Ritual Rock and even classic Heavy / Doom Metal in several aspects. The songs vary a lot from each other, and at the same time each single composition has something additional to offer. Sometimes it’s the church organ that brings something different, then it’s a specific change in tempo or melody, atmosphere or structure, or the vocal ranges.

Despite the huge differentiation whole the time, Sunyata is a very coherent record, and because of the mostly interesting elements, the long average duration of each single track is not a problem to get the whole picture.

But again, after a first listen, one cannot yet comprehend the whole picture. There are several listens required, but the advantage of it is that you will uncover layer after layer, each with its own, specific character, and finally you’ll realize that you have not just been listening to Sunyata. You will admit you did undergo the multi-levelled sonic experience, but you’ll like it. At least I do, time after time.