Act Of Entropy

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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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I wasn’t sure how to start this review. I think it is not necessary to focus on the history about this duo; in case of interest (and why shouldn’t you, except for when you are trusted with this act’s, eh, unique sound-sculptures), I’d kindly want to ask you to read one of the former reviews I did about this project (links: see below), or to visit their Facebook / Bandcamp, or whatever, pages.

Fact is that Pan Inentropy and his partner Ni NthEntropy (also the woman behind Lux Sine Lumine, and involved with Zvylpwkua and Ukakuja, which also include Mister Pan) have finished a newest opus-of-disturbance, sweetly called Oupiroullel. Yeah, such title indeed might relate directly to twisted song-writing and a frenzy execution (which indeed is the case). The physical release is extremely limited – and hand-numbered once more – and comes with totally delirium-infused cover-artwork, courtesy of no one else but John Rushworth, known from Apothecary, and being Pan’s colleague in another Centipede Abyss outfit, Ar’lyxkq’wr. That weird artwork eventually got ‘modded / colored’ by Pan.

Observe kaleidoscopic transfigurations / absurd hallucinogenic creatures / all awe the orbs

Oupiroullel consists of five, eh, ‘songs’… Nope, sorry… I will restart this phrase, for the description ‘songs’ indeed has no relationship whatsoever with what Act Of Entropy bring once again. I used the description ‘sound-sculptures’ in my first paragraph, which is, to my modest opinion, more fitting. Yet anyway, let’s stick to: Oupiroullel consists of five sound-sculptures, which clock just over twenty-five minutes.

After just five seconds, Oupiroullel puts its characteristic mark on the map of surreal and alienated aural absurdity. Beware, for ‘absurdity’ has a very fitting connotation, like a positive signification floating around this recording’s case (as it goes for all projects both members are involved with). Literally translated, it’s a schizoid, psychotic / psychopathic amalgam of free-styled drum-blasts, dissonant avantgarde six-string-rape, rabid piano molestation, you know; a frenzy collection of disturbed / disturbing instrumental mass-destruction. Add some unhuman throat-puking and accept man’s declination. Luckily, Act Of Entropy are able, once more, to canalize these extremely complex yet  seemingly preposterous sonic malformations into an intelligently and sagaciously venture.

Compositions like Cosmoillogical Evolution and Vile Architecture represent the delirium-infused psychomania, the way I sort of described it in my former paragraph. The first one defines some trans-dimensional, pseudo-astral eruption (please forgive me my sectarian phantasies), as if some addicted aliens tried to compose an anthem for the universal powers (PS: mind that unique, contrarian outro!); the latter rather dwells into abysses of  anger, de(con)struction and sleaziness. Nice are the quasi-jazzy hints, as well as that semi-acoustic excerpt at the end. Then again, a piece like RfpneflfifeL (not kidding about this title) goes even further – or must I say: deeper – into dimensions of hallucination, into sonic realms of post-apocalyptic visions and otherworldly perplexity. Here too, Jazz, Doom, Drone and Progressive Rock are like injections into a corpus of irreal noise-constructions, meandering around streams of mental endurance and authoritative captivation. Unseen Sinuous Shrines adds a suffocative level of blackened malignancy, due to the nefarious voices and the semi-mechanical drum-patterns, as well as that well-thought, deeply asphyxiating use of synths (!). And Escherian Organisms comes with a hint of impending doom, of inevitable havoc and ruin. Here too, the subtle use of piano-distortion adds a level of generously out-of-the-box-thinking zorn’ism (isn’t that a fine neologism?) that twists and pleases, that attracts and repels, all at once.

Demented, lunatic, masochistically amusing / amazing…