Centipede Abyss

Lux Sine Lumine

The pretty young label Centipede Abyss for sure is one of the most surprising revelations lately when it comes to the harsher side of sonic complexity and progressed Aural Art. Trespassing conventions of what ‘Music’ is supposed to be for the grey masses, is like the goal for this label’s releases.

Act Of Entropy & Zebulon Kosted

A gathering of two, well, how would I call it, eh, ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ entities…

Never mind; why should I search for certainty or familiarity, seen from the aural spectrum behind / beyond this ‘musical’ void anyway. Opposites do attract each other, yet so do creatures that are different -and therefor related- from ‘acceptance’ or ‘admission’, sharing a mutual identity for audible divergence and sonic aberration. …which easily takes me to this remarkable split, nicely called Shaping Fatal Principles.


I am extremely pleased with the foundation of Centipede Abyss, a very young label from the U.K. that releases sweet lullabies and singalongs that involve Pan Inentropy and same-minded sonic mad(wo)men. Pan is the guy behind hordes like e.g. Act Of Entropy or Ar’lyxkq’wr, and in order to keep the band-name smooth and simple, he also co-founded Zvylpwkua (try to repeat this out loud five times without stuttering or hesitating).

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