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Thursday, April 25, 2024
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It can be said that we dwell apart from the invisible world, and there we do not dwell alone. In places unlit, companionships are formed with words that are confined to dark recesses… akin to a Cave that holds within, all the imagined twilight wonders and befouled terrors…

Cave is one of the many – and with ‘many’ I do mean ‘many many many’! – outfits by the talented Mister Jared Moran, whom you might know as well from, well, where do I start: Ar’lyxkq’wr, Vertebrae Fetish Totem and Zvylpwkua, or acts like Feral Lord, Psionic Madness, Acausal Intrusion or Corpse Arise.

Once again in relationship with (the) Centipede Abyss, III indeed is the third recording under the Cave-moniker (after I and, indeed, II). The extremely limited physical version (hand-numbered, of course) has sold out in the mean time (only 25 copies were made) (sad-looking anti-smiley included), yet one can still enjoy the digital release (or steal the compact-disc from one of the lucky ones who got it). The tasteful artwork, by the way, before going over to the sonic content, is courtesy of label-alumni Pan Inentropy, and combines mysticism, alchemy and science in one sole image. Nice…

I was thinking how I would start to write down my thoughts on the sonic aspect of III, but I guess there’s no correct way to do so. Why? Because this stuff trespasses all sense or reason; therefor it is a true provocation to do. Will I start with calling this material a turbulent and cacophonous approach of old-schooled Death / Doom-Death / Morbid Death Metal? Well, I could, because that is exactly what this album offers: a turbulent approach of old-schooled Death / Doom-Death / Morbid Death Metal. Yet then, somehow, this isn’t enough. I would add things like ‘grinding’, ‘progressive’, ‘chaotic’ or ‘dissonant’. Here you are… I would say that the discordant attitude is deconstructive, yet at the same time the structural essence is so ingeniously characterizing. I could mention the unpolished, filthy sound quality, yet this sick production was done this way on purpose. Ah, all contrasts and opposites, yet then again all typifying, and therefor effective, contents.

So, I’ll try it via another entry, and focus on the objective elements: alienated tempo-changes and complicated, twisted breaks, pathological performances, convulsive harmonies and a rough-edged engineering. As mentioned, Cave dwells in spheres of old-styled Death Metal genres of different origin, which are closely, and very naturally, related in this rabid act’s case. Mid-pace fragments get suddenly, and brutally, injected by blasting eruptions, then turning into some vile, doomed passage again, before exploding once more into a tornado of speed-of-light madness. And you know, this works out very well, touching a level of exaggeration without becoming ridicule or infantile. Besides, the typifying ugliness (with ‘ugliness’ defined from the fairest point of elegance, haha) works incredibly well. The lack of predictability goes peacefully hand in hand with the malformed execution of solid and one-directional complexity. III is an avant-gardist admission once again, with the most dismal voices, mathematically antithetical drum-patterns, semi-metaphysical rhythms, rumbling basses and abhorrent leads. With some mental deviation, tolerant endurance and in-depth open-mindedness, this might be your soundtrack to annoy your neighbors.

For fans of Portal, Ar’lyxkq’wr, Ulcerate, Convulsing, Tetragrammacide, Gorguts, and the likes…