Arktau Eos

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Friday, November 16, 2012
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Arktau Eos are a Finnish project, formed by A.I.H. and A.I.L. (Anti Haapapuro and Antti Litmanen). They do not consider themselves as ‘artists’, but through Arktau Eos they try to express… Well, actually, I don’t know… Their music stands for an aural experience, a sonic state of trance with a psychedelic undertone.

On November 16th 2012, Svart Records did release two Arktau Eos-recordings, Unworeldes on vinyl (for the review on this recording: see elsewhere in this review section), and Ioh-Maera, an esoteric trip of more than three quarters of an hour. Like the vinyl-release, Ioh-Maera is a psychotropic ritual in the vein of Yen Pox, earlier Ain Soph, L.A.Q. or S+S+S (Spatium Saevus Sonitus), projects from the Ordo Catharis Templi-roster, Cold Spring- or Aural Hypnox-stuff, the Raison d’Être side-project Svasti-ayanam, or some of M. DeWitt’s projects, mixed with tribal elements (like Tibetan bells and Lappish shamanism) and mushroom-laden fantasy.

Ioh-Maera is an extremely difficult recording to get through, released on CD edition only (Unworeldes, on the other hand, has been released on vinyl only), but it certainly is worth transcending through the night…