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Monday, April 28, 2014
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I can, and will, be very short about this newest Axegressor-album. I was not that enthusiastic with their former albums (Command and Next, both released via Dethrone). These Finns won’t convince me either this time, even though this third full length (they did have a self-released mini-album as well in the past) sounds slightly more professional than before.

You know why? Well, it completely lacks of originality, first of all. Is this a problem? Usually not, to my concern, for quality prevails on originality. But when each single riff sounds so predictable, and when you can guess what’s next to come, it needs to be at least as good as the original. And honestly, it is not. Secondly, the sound is way too clean. It’s a pity, but such a polished production reminds me to my former employer, which was the pharmaceutical department of a hospital. All right, this sound fits to the material provided by the band, but this kind of harshness might, or better: must sound way more raw, rough, sharp. The vocals too irritate me a lot (but that isn’t but a personal opinion once again). I can cope with it for one or two songs, but after a while I really get annoyed for it gives me a headache.

The band claims to be inspired by the likes of Exodus, Metallica, Destruction and Kreator, but excuse me: this is an insult (especially when it comes to the latters, but once again this isn’t but my own vision; yet, since I am the one doing this review, I can write whatever I want, do I not???). No, just kidding, but I do not see the comparison with any of them, and certainly not when it comes to creating excitement. Yes, it makes me bang my head (even though I am short-haired), and yet, I am really looking nasty and angry when I listen to this stuff once again. But bla and bla and even more bla…