Destroyers Of All

Album Title: 
Into The Fire
Release Date: 
Friday, May 31, 2013
Review Type: 

The Portuguese band Destroyers Of All was formed in 2011 by current or former members of e.g. Antichthon, Seventh Seal, Strikeback and Crystalline Darkness. Soon the guys (vocalist João Mateus, bass player Bruno da Silva, drummer Filipe Gomes and guitarists Guilherme Busato and Alexandre Correia) started rehearsing and recently they finished the recording a first couple of songs, releasable as EP and entitled Into The Fire.

After a (stupid) one-minute intro, the quintet brings a fast and ferocious form of fierce-fuckin’ Metal, balancing in between Death and Thrash Metal, searching for the perfect equilibrium in between evident tradition and progressive modernism. The band tries to experiment and honestly, I think they do succeed more than once to have it all uplifted to a level not many young bands are capable to. Destroyers Of All, nevertheless, are (capable). The mainly fast songs also include elements from Black Metal (certain specific riffs) and Heavy Metal (some guitar solos or melodic riffing), and each track is not only varying in tempo and structure; all songs are of an almost wonderfully-surprising level as well. On top of it, the few experimental additions (progressive loops, punky shouts, Doom elements, grooving and / or high-tech compositions etc.) are not of the foolish kind, yet rather ingeniously mixed into the whole.

Destroyers Of All probably (read: surely) are one of the greatest new acts from Portugal I’ve heard in years. I am looking forward to listen to a full album very soon!