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The Tool meets Baroness meets Converge meets Gojira meets Every Time I Die- songwriting is strong and very aggressive and the band focuses entirely on just making down to earth music. Also, depending on your taste, the vocal tone can grow a bit tiresome after a while.


Germany’s Paria return with their third full length album, called Surrealist Satanist, having a total duration of almost three quarters of an hour. Seven tracks clocking almost three quarters of an hour, based on eerie and hypnotic yet definitely angry and malignant extremity, that’s what Surrealist Satanist stands for. The songs are fast and quite simplistic, with a traditional sound that comes close to the Nordic one (beware: Nordic does not necessarily mean Norwegian in this case), but they aren’t just blasted pyroclastic outbursts at all.


Pombagira, built around the couple Pete and Carolyn Hamilton-Giles, have never been an average act. Dwelling in between the scenes of Doom and Psych-Rock, they managed to get a solid fan-base of a rather specific, probable slightly intoxicated horde of spiritual-minded lovers of unconventional, mind-transcending Music.

The 9th Cell

The 9th Cell is a Portuguese one man band consisting of David Pais who actually did most of the stuff on this record. This David (who is a complete stranger to me) has released lots of albums under his own financing and has been active since 2005. Which is rather strange because like i said this is a stranger to me on whom it is difficult to find info on and his press sheet was quite short.


Veér are, as a matter of fact, the continuation of Hungarian act Ravenshades, and consists of (former or current) members of e.g. Witchcraft, Kolp, Koprofaagia, Vortex and Sanguis In Nocte. Within the recent Concreteweb-update, you can check out the reviews on the new recordings by both Kolp and Witchcraft, by the way.


Hungary is one of my preferred countries when it comes to so-called ‘Underground’ Black Metal, with Witchcraft as one of my favourite acts. Throughout the years, many known names from the Hungarian scene joined the band as session or (temporary) permanent member.

As Silence Breaks

This Metal band from Sydney, Australia (“Metal” is really the word used in the opening lines of the info sheet we got with the download promo copy of the album) was started some 6 years ago, went through some line-up changes (current membership comprises lead singer Sam Rilatt, guitarist/ second singer Ben Irwin, guitarist Dan O'Brien, bassist Kiel Stranger, and drummer Reece Kirby).

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