Album Title: 
Surrealist Satanist
Release Date: 
Friday, May 17, 2013
Review Type: 

Germany’s Paria return with their third full length album, called Surrealist Satanist, having a total duration of almost three quarters of an hour. Seven tracks clocking almost three quarters of an hour, based on eerie and hypnotic yet definitely angry and malignant extremity, that’s what Surrealist Satanist stands for. The songs are fast and quite simplistic, with a traditional sound that comes close to the Nordic one (beware: Nordic does not necessarily mean Norwegian in this case), but they aren’t just blasted pyroclastic outbursts at all. Every piece brings that little ‘more’, even though it is extremely difficult to define the core of Paria’s slightly Post-oriented material. ‘Post’ has nothing to do with Post-Rock, yet rather with Post-Black that does fine in Scandinavia or Poland. Still follow me? When it comes to originality, well, I need to disappoint you, because Paria are not to invent a new sub-style. It’s just that this act is so creative with tradition and evidence, and the amalgam of common elements into this kind of sickness comes with a fabulous performance, which cannot be adored by all those who find bleakness too hot (or something like that…).

The vinyl edition will follow in a later this year…