Album Title: 
Dirges Of Elysium
Release Date: 
Monday, April 28, 2014
Review Type: 

No need to introduce this band for everyone knows the elementary importance of Incantations. Check out the net or one of the reviews I did for this Kult-band on this site.

Dirges Of Elysium sounds as if these youngsters (damn yeah, if they are, I am too…) constantly re-invent themselves. After the self-titled instrumental introduction (a very fine piece of craftsmanship, by the way!), Incantation mercilessly show why they do sit on the throne of Death. Their unique, characterising, inspirational and highly influential Abyssal / Morbid Death Metal sounds as strong as before; I even dare to write that, due to experience and knowledge, this stuff is even more ‘profound in essence’ than ever before. And you know what? Normally my reviews are not that short, from time to time even pretty lengthened, but this time I am gonna leave it right here. You know who Incantation are. And if you like any of their former stuff, you will just adore this new material too. And if you did not like what this band did in the past, you will now! It’s that simple! Check out tracks like the mighty epos Elysium (Eternity Is The Night), Carrion Prophesy or Portal Consecration, and you’ll understand what I am trying to say…