Johansson & Speckmann

Album Title: 
Sulphur Skies
Release Date: 
Monday, June 10, 2013
Review Type: 

Introducing two well-known entities from the deadly worlds of Metal: Roger ‘Rogga’ Johansson, known from hundreds of bands and projects like Bone Gnawer, Those Who Bring The Torture, Paganizer (review on the latest album posted on June 24th + review on the re-release of Carve’s former material, under the moniker of Paganizer, updated on March 15th), Demiurg, Megascavenger and many, many more, and Paul Speckmann, involved with e.g. War Cry, Abomination, Martyr, Krabathor or, last but not least, Master. Both of them worked together in Megascavenger (Paul was one of the guests on the debut release of this Johansson-super-project; see review on March 3rd), but this is their first ‘real’ collaboration. The drum parts, by the way, were done by Brynjan Helgetun, who is involved with a couple of projects by Rogga, like The Grotesquery and Ribspreader.

What you think you might get, indeed is what you get for sure. With two of such an experienced Old School Death Metal heads, one might expect Old School Death Metal, and that’s nothing but reality. Hell yeah, this is the purest definition of essential Death F*ckin’ Metal! It’s Old School, but of the most timeless kind, with a sound closely related to the Swedish one, yet undoubtedly dwelling in general European and American regions too, and with a production that spoons you with deathlike grotesquery. It holds the middle in between almost everything both guys are involved with, but for sure it sounds like a unique combination of both approaches. However, I expected more, much more from this collective. Sulphur Skies isn’t a bad effort at all, but it sort of disappoint because of the lack of amazingness. All (short) songs are fine to undergo, but I expected at least a couple of outstanding killers, and I’m still hungering for them. Why?