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Polluted Inheritance

Another re-release by Dutch Vic Records, Polluted Inheritance’s 1996-album Betrayed. It was the band’s second full length studio album, originally released via DSFA Records (think: Within Temptation, Callenish Circle, Orphanage, Tenebris etc.). Earlier this year, we could also enjoy the re-release of this band’s 1992-debut, Ecocide, which undersigned was able to review as well.


This Russian Folk/ Pagan Metal act from Tatarstan's second-biggest town Naberezhnyye Chelny (which from 1982 to 1988 was named Brezjnev!) was apparently already formed in 2005, more specifically on July 3rd of that year, although under a different monicker, which also changed over time (from Raven Blood to Vorog) before ending up its current bandname (which is Russian for “bird's cry”) in Feb. of 2007!

Eternal Solstice

The Wish Is Father To The Thought was the debut studio full album by Dutch band Eternal Solstice, originally released in 1994 via Musikfabrik, and very shortly after re-issued via Displeased Records (and for the vinyl-freaks: Dark Descent Records re-released the stuff on LP in 2012).

Johansson & Speckmann

Introducing two well-known entities from the deadly worlds of Metal: Roger ‘Rogga’ Johansson, known from hundreds of bands and projects like Bone Gnawer, Those Who Bring The Torture, Paganizer (review on the latest album posted on June 24th + review on the re-release of Carve’s former material, under the moniker of Paganizer, updated on March 15th), Demiurg, Megascavenger and many, many more, and Paul Speckmann, involv


About twenty five years ago (we’re talking about the late eighties and early nineties), a couple of Extreme Metal acts added keyboard lines to their music, not only as introduction to a recording, yet as an important ‘full’ instrument. Best known example probably are Nocturnus, but acts like Torchure, The Gathering or Sinoath are other comparable possibilities as well. This goes for Dutch act Phlebotomized too.


Dutch act Swazafix was a band with Theo Loomans in its ranks. He formed this band in 1990 after he left Asphyx (he reformed Asphyx a couple of years later, by the way). Those who are ‘into the Dutch Old School scene’ will remember his name as well from bands like Soulburn, Evoker or Gomorha (back then always active in these bands’ demo years; we’re talking about the end of the eighties!). He died in 1998.

Polluted Inheritance

As you might know, it wasn’t only Germany, Sweden and the U.S. that were ‘big’ during the earliest era of the Death Metal scene. Without any doubt, the Netherlands were of undeniable importance back then, and without the Dutch scene, the current Death Metal scene wouldn’t have developed the way it finally did.


Carve: Stillborn Revelations And Revel In Human Filth is not a new Paganizer-album, as the smartest amongst us would have guessed, probably. In fact this is a re-release compilation, dealing with both albums recorded and released under the Carve-moniker.

Weapons To Hunt

Weapons To Hunt are the ‘sequel’ to Infinited Hate, featuring former and current Sinister and Supreme Pain members. This first album, by the way, comes with session bass parts performed by Erwin Harreman, member of, and please hold on, don’t be afraid: Sinister / Supreme Pain. …a somewhat incestuous collegiality.

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