Album Title: 
Be Left To Oneself
Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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I had not heard of Slovakian project Keosz before, but what sole member Erik Osvald brings with Be Left To Oneself surely fits to the ‘cinematic’ approach of the fabulous Cryo Chamber roster. Erik took care of song writing, performance / recording / production, as well as the artwork, and the mastering for this album, which lasts for forty-nine minutes, was done by label-owner Simon Heath (like about all releases on his label). Apparently, this guy is known as a Drum’n’Base produced especially, but right here he does show another angle of his abilities. Anyway, in a series of several Cryo Chamber reviews coming up (I did some in the past, but there are two hands full impatiently waiting to be completed), this will be a first in a row of aurally-artistic highlights.

Be Left To Oneselftakes us on a trip through sleeping cities kept lucid by neon lights’.

It might be quite easy to go deeper into the essence of this album, just by listening to, analysing, and dissecting the opening track, which is the title song of this majestic album. We can talk about distorted and futuristic analog soundscapes, taking the listener to dimensions of, at the same time, the self-exploring and introspective inner-eye and, in pure contrast, the barely indescribably vastness of the untouchable spiritual outerworlds. Floating waves of ambient noises and slightly distorted yet still subtle and elegant waves of droning sub-bass majesty naturally interweave without losing itself into exaggeration or over-the-top production-wise Ambient. No, like about all releases on this fine Oregon-based label, Keosz too is such a project that easily seems to find the equilibrium in between obscure, suffocating, ominous spheres at the one hand, and mostly beautiful, mind-caressing waves of elegance at the other.

The majority of the compositions is quite simplistic; not simplistic as in ‘simple’, ‘easy’ or ‘cheap’, yet rather referring to a completely down-earthed, uncomplex yet deeply emotional, even sentimental and / or melancholic state. Dreamlike shapes of sound, hypnotic soundwaves and integer collages of aural expressionism are sort like canalised into a (hi)story of serenity, introspection and divinity, without getting dull, drab or uninspired. Despite the monotonous scapes of sound, there’s a permanent thrill going on, I think, somewhat arousing and even semi-erotic.

Seen that this album sort of compiles the works of quite an era (most pieces had been digitally released in some digital format, I learned), I am impressed by the cohesion – so ignore the lack of transfigurative experiments or explosive experiences, for Keosz surely are able to create a one-directional, and therefore comprehensible, form of Dark Emotional Droning Ambient with a minimal and monotonous execution yet, at the same time, a copious, abundant mixture of hidden elements. It easily brings me to the song Low Down, which follows the same path of the others, yet with so much more to express. Low Down is like a mental trip, with those spooky (female) voices (just wonderful!!!) and that oppressive atmosphere. For me it’s the highlight of an impressing album, for what it’s worth…

Fans of Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, Hymnambulae, Subheim, Council Of Nine, Ugasanie, Northaunt, Swartalf and the likes will surely adore this album!