Last Autumn’s Dream

Album Title: 
Level Eleven
Release Date: 
Friday, February 20, 2015
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Last Autumn’s Dream was formed in 2002 by Mikael Erlandsson from Sweden on vocals, and German guitarist Andy Malecek from Fair Warning.  For their debut album that was released in 2003 they had the aid of John Levén, Ian Haugland and Mic Michaeli, all members from Europe.   But when Europe reunited, they had to find some replacements.  In came Marcel Jacob (Talisman), Jamie Borger (Talisman, Treat) and Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue).  It was in this line-up they released their second album.

When in 2009 Marcel Jacob commited suicide, he was replaced by Nalley Pahlsson (ex Treat, ex Therion). In 2014 Andy Malecek left the band, and was replaced by Peter Söderström, who had already played rhythm guitar on LAD’s albums since 2010. What this album brings is is pure high-class AOR, ultra catchy yet with some good riffs as well, but you also hear some 70ies hard rock in it.  You might not have noticed, but this is already their 11th studio album.  They bring us some good music, but what finishes it, are the outstanding vocals by Mikael Erlandsson, who have a warm, yet sometimes raspy sound, with a harder edge once in a while.