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Friday, October 17, 2014
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Nachtblut, the Lower-Saxonian one, are a German quintet that return with Chimonas, the successor of 2012’s Dogma, and their fourth studio recording in almost ten years of existence. Frontman Askeroth and his horde created once again a catchy, well-produced full length with this one, which has a total running time of fifty minutes.

As short as the intro, so will be the core of this review. Chimonas does not really reinvent this band’s initial approach, done before through Das Erste Abendmahl, Antik and, especially, Dogma. It brings a catching form of melodic and rhythmic Dark / Black Metal with some Folk-based ideas. The whole sounds rather traditional, and besides a few nice ideas (some excerpts are truly impressive, I have to admit), it also sounds way too goody-goody. Some parts do intrigue me, but unfortunately there are more pieces that truly bore me. This material is filled with easy clichés, predictable structures and cheap emotions. However, tracks like Und Immer Wenn Die Nacht Anbricht, are gloriously contrasting with the overall semi-pulp, so this album has its moments. Ups and abyssal downs, let’s say…