Album Title: 
Solens Vemod
Release Date: 
Friday, February 14, 2014
Review Type: 

Nasheim were formed at the very beginning of this century by Erik Grahn (think: Lethal, Envenomed etc.) and a couple of colleagues. During the first half of the former decade, Nasheim recorded two great demos, which were compiled afterwards, and in 2007 there was the superb split with Angantyr. All this came to realisation thanks to the professional assistance of Northern Silence Productions.

And now, finally, Nasheim, the solo-outfit of Erik, finished the debut full length, Solens Vemod, consisting of four lengthy compositions (in between nine and fourteen minutes of duration). In mean time, I did listen to this album four or five times, and that’s probably why I want to finish this review right now, yet not before adding superlatives like ‘waw’ or ‘wow’, or other highly creative stuff. No, seriously, this is superb material for those who like to dream away with such magisterial finesse. Solens Vemod sounds more, much more emotive than before, yet without losing that characteristic vision on epic at the one hand, and doom at the other. The compositions last for quite some time, as mentioned before, but because of the variation at the one hand (tempo, structure, execution), and the absorbing eradication at the other, each piece penetrates your brain, extorts your ear shells…

I think it is difficult to describe each single piece on this album. Actually, all of them are like an aural journey, traveling dimensions of so(m)berness, desperation, grief, yet courage and pride as well, like the most unholy marriage in between melancholy and victory. I am, most of the time, quite fond on one-man armies, but still it is a pleasure to get satisfied, both aurally and spiritually, by such superior sonic splendour. Each single creation on this album has so many levels, so much to explore, to enjoy. Not one single moment I’ve been bored, even after several listens, and still now I am experiencing new emotions. If I had not to write this review right now, I would be dreaming away once again, so I’ll finish this essay and push the start-button once again.

I said it before, that I do like everything Nasheim did in the past. But now Erik has outdone himself with one of the most interesting and intriguing Epic Metal albums from 2014. This is top!