Album Title: 
Devil’s Breath
Release Date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2013
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I was pretty impressed by Nekrofilth’s 2008-demo (re-released in 2011 via their current label, Hells Headbangers; see update on May 8th 2011 in the Archives-section). The stuff got followed by two splits, one with almighty NunSlaughter and one with Speedwolf (resp. on Hells Headbangers and Doomentia), and earlier this year the band and Doomentia released the EP Street Bitch.

Devil’s Breath gets considered the band’s debut, but since it lasts for twenty six minutes only, I will refer to it as a mini-album (for what it’s worth).

Anyway, this band with Zack Rose (NunSlaughter, ex-Crucified Mortals) hasn’t really changed the core of its sonic expression, for Devil’s Breath still stands for a no-nonsense approach of Old School Aggression. It’s a symbiosis of metalized Punk / Hardcore, primal Thrash Metal and sleazy Grindcore, added with details from proto-Death, Black-Thrash and Doom Metal. It’s like Celtic Frost and Blasphemy covering a NunSlaughter-track that was written by Napalm Death. Oink?! Unfortunately Devil’s Breath sounds way too cheesy. It is a tribute to the stiff-middlefinger-attitude of the (late) eighties, but the (qualitative indeed) songs have nothing exceptional to add. I’ve heard it before, more than once, even though not always this fine-tuned. And besides, the variation in between the songs is way too narrow-minded.