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Release Date: 
Saturday, January 13, 2024
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Country (for what it’s worth): UK

Members: PB

Type: digital only

Duration: 39:36

Genre: Harsh Noise Wall


A riddle: you might surely know the enigmatic human entity behind this Pop-act; just think about an ‘album’ with the very same moniker released on Gates Of Hypnos… Woohoo, mystery…

This said… This tolerably new outfit from that abstruse yet very talented artist from Brexit-land, returns on Poland’s Gates Of Hypnos with the successor of last year’s Slum. This new one-track piece is named after the sweet boy Paris Lee Benneth (it’s his pretty face on the cover), who might be one of the youngest persons from Texas, sentenced for tens of years for rape and murder, after he stabbed, choked and sexually disabused his very young sister. Paris was thirteen years of age at that moment, his sister nearly four. It was a means to take revenge on his mother. More info you will surely find on the net…

Sonic content: Paris is one huge static attack, clocking nearly forty minutes. Despite the monotonous rumbling approach, it exhales a scorching dynamism. This harsh wall-of-sound comes with a vengeful, usurping attitude, caused by the crackling set-up and the crunchy texture. Despite the lack of repetitive progression - I mean, Paris lacks evolving variation and expanding advancement - the whole permanently gains ground, although that ground, that soil, is gritty, grinding and scrubby.

Actually, it sounds like one huge predominating experience, illusionary and realistic at once, defined through discomfortable drone-work and a hint of manipulative nihilism; a fine vision by the creator-of-sound behind Utterblight.

Conclusion: Paris is an unstoppable avalanche of sound, sculpted with a fine-tuned one-directional attitude, painting a bleak, menacing landscape; a barren wasteland surrounded by immense, somewhat claustrophobia-causing ramparts, and overcast by consumptive clouds of ash and dust; like a psychopathic vision escaping from the madman’s phantasm into the dreamworld of the innocent.