Gates Of Hypnos

Sado Rituals / Mass Graven Image

Short introduction on both projects, the label, and the release itself.

Sado Rituals: project by Gates Of Hypnos president P. ‘Sadox’ K., one of the most productive yet also most interesting Noise-outfits from Poland in history.

Mass Graven Image: Texan-based Death Industrial / Ambient / Noise project with a limited yet highly interesting effort on releases.

Mass Graven Image

Only three days after the ‘official’ release of this album, Mass Graven Image had a split released on the very same label, together with Sado Rituals, which is the main outfit by Gates Of Hypnos’ president Przemysław. Maybe a review on this split will follow (I politely begged my Lords to present me the gift of Time…); but first thing first, and that’s what The World Burns To Death is all about.

Gold / Sado Rituals

Are you ready to praise the messiah and his holy father? Will you spread his word and hail his virgin mother? Are you prepared to meet Jesus of Yggdrasil?

Well, then this soundtrack might be your guide into the mental / mentally disordered dimension of sacrificial pleasure…

M. W. Daniels

First this. This webzine writes reviews about Sonic Supremacy, not about Visual Art [movies / motion pictures]. But I would like to start this review with a small word about the short movie Keeley. It’s a well-written and nicely performed story, quite controversial, about religious fundamentalism and … Nope, I’m not going to spoil the fun yet. But believe me that from cinematic point of view, this material is highly recommended – and apparently it has been welcomed by many connoisseurs of the motion picture scene with superlatives and appreciation / respect / gratitude.

Der Finger

Das Zeit was originally released in 2018, so this review deals with a re-issue of an older recording. But both the kind Gates Of Hypnos chief P. Sadox and undersigned (it is I; almost as kind as Mister Sadox) agreed to promote the reissue; the first one via the digital re-release, the other one (it’s me again) via writing down and publishing my ideas, also known as ‘a review’.


I have never disliked the Noise scene, even though about half of the (sub) genres within this scene are incomprehensible to me. However, some I do like enormously. I am not going to sum up the ones I like or dislike, but I can honestly say that Gates Of Hypnos, one of the most open-minded and darkened labels nowadays (run by Sado Ritual’s Przemysław ‘Sadox’ Grochowski), did surprise me several times before.

Crepuscular Rituals

I have been thinking about how to start the former release, over and over again. The reason: both muSICKians involved – sorry, musicians, I mean. But after re-writing my introduction a couple of times, I thought it would just be fun / honest / easy / clear / whatever… Whatever… I’ll keep it simple and to-the-core…

PS: this introduction was like a copy-paste of the former review, haha.


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