Country (for what it’s worth): UK

Members: PB

Type: digital only

Duration: 39:36

Genre: Harsh Noise Wall


A riddle: you might surely know the enigmatic human entity behind this Pop-act; just think about an ‘album’ with the very same moniker released on Gates Of Hypnos… Woohoo, mystery…

Vulcanodon Phazer

Patrick Mytron is a nice guy from Canada, who I adore as well for his cool outfits Glessite (sludgy Doom-Drone Metal), Avitas (harsh Pagan Black Metal) or Kabexnuv (raw Occult Black Metal). Lesser known are his activities in Acid / Doom / Space / Stoner act Alien Tab, which have nothing to do with Black Metal whatsoever. And I do not dare to say that Vulcanodon Phazer is the successor of Alien Tab (quite different line-up), but for sure it is a worthy comparison.

various artists (IDIL 2024)

Raffaele Pezzella, musician, master, label owner and so much more, came with the idea to have a kind of ‘contest’, an award in order to go even further with the promotion of the scene. This ‘election’ must be seen as a dedication to the underestimated worlds of sonic satisfaction, where / when ‘darkness’ and ‘innovation’ meet.


This review actually deals with a quadriptych (or tetraptych, if you want to), (recorded and) released over several individual moments in less than one month. Yet since all four chapters must be seen as one whole (dixit the author / composer), the four of them will be reviewed as being one total experience.


This time, I won’t spend my time in introducing this UK-based act; several of Sir (bleak)’s releases have been reviewed for this webzine before, so in case of interest, I would kindly ask you, dear reader, to check them out. When it comes to this specific project spawn from Peter B.’s disturbed mind, and for your convenience (or the lazy ones amongst us), I did add some links beneath…

His Haunted Humming

Even-though I will keep it short this time, I firstly would like to explain why I will review the recording called Asceticism by His Haunted Humming. It actually is the fourth (I think) release by this Polish project in an extremely short period.


Ryan Muscat is the sympathetic guy, who I sort of ‘met’ (digitally) earlier this year. He’s part of Malta’s Devil’s Breath (in the future, I will surely come back to this act), yet he also curates the M.A.D. community. This deals, at the one hand, with a fine and honest view on genres like (Dark) Ambient, Industrial, Tribal / Ritual and the likes, created for, and supported by, connoisseurs / amateurs of these genres, and related ones. At the other hand, and at the very same time, there’s a label related to this family, i.e.

Cryo Depth

The sympathetic Belarussian (or is it Antarctic) damsel (not-in-distress) Olga Kann finally released a new (full-length) album, which was inspired by Horror master H.P. Lovecraft. Olga did work on it over a period of many months during 2021 and 2022, and now it got finished under the working-title Gravedigger’s Diary: The Lurking Fear. It’s her third conceptual album (the fourth official release under the Cryo Depth moniker), consisting of no less than thirteen tracks this time.


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