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Thursday, June 19, 2014
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Viverna are an Italian act that were formed by multi-instrumentalist Marco ‘XXXIX’ Trentanove, who formerly was in Funeral Marmoori and Sulfur. After a short period he was joined by Stefano ‘Magus Ater’ Bonini, also formerly in Sulfur, ex-Necromass, and currently active in Domini and Fangs Of The Molossus.

Viverna recorded a first self-called effort, which was released on tape on January 26th 2014 through Marco’s own label Voce Ancestrale (which is put on hold right now). Kunsthauch will now take care of the CD-release of this record.

The Viverna-full length lasts for twenty five minutes (the three tracks last in between seven and nine minutes) minutes and opens with Sortilegio. This track (8:22) brings a melodic and epic form of rhythmic Black Metal with very ‘dirty’ grunts, hypnotic leads, traditional riffing / rhythms, and a mysterious / magic sound / atmosphere (courtesy of the Italian scene, of course). I do not think the mix is appropriate (at all), but the repetitive structures are beyond average, in positive sense. Ouroboros (9:17) is pretty monotonous too, but at least as suffocating and ominous. The grim atmosphere and slow tempo, but the sound specifically, remind me a lot to legendary Swiss act Mordor, but the musical and thematical approach are unique. Stella Del Mattino, the third and last track (07:04), sounds the cosmic-ambient way, explaining why Kunsthauch got involved with this material (once again: hail!)

Viverna isn’t but a first effort, but I am convinced by the inherent sublimity of this act. I hope to hear new stuff very soon, and with a better production, I’m sure Kunsthauch will have the honour to have one of the strongest releases on Mater Metalica in years, or at least in weeks…