Mal Etre

Mal Etre are a Swiss project by Nocturnalpriest, who’s also active with blackened outfits Malvoisie, Baalshamin, Parämnesia and Polish horde Funebrum. After a handful of demos, Mal Etre released a first full length in 2010, Torment, via the great Kunsthauch-label. It was one of the most surprising albums that very same year, I think.


How many bands do you know from Puerto Rico? My knowledge is limited to two hands full of Death and Black Metal combos, with an act like Azmaveth absolutely belonging to my favourites from the Caribbean region (their Strong As Death-album was one of my top-albums in 2008). Well, now I am truly pleased to meet Falgar. I heard of this solo-project of Etienne Goldberg, but I had not heard any of the material before.


There are many bands called Hopeless, but this review deals with the Spanish one. It was (‘was’ and not ‘is’, because the project was put to rest in mean time) the solo-outfit of a guy called Lvciferrian aka S. Vrall, who formed this project during the second half of last decade. Now he continues with Aversion To Mankind, by the way. After some demos and a couple of EP’s, he recorded his sole full length, called Elements. It was released via Russia’s Kunsthauch.

Black Autumn

Black Autumn hail from North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and were formed by M. Krall in 1995. The first years the project did not release anything official, yet as from this century, Black Autumn turned out to be a rather productive entity. There were a couple of demos in between 2003 and 2006, as well as a split (with Italy’s Abyss), and in 2007 this solo-outfit released the debut full length, Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom (ISO666). Three more full lengths followed, i.e.

Sanctus Daemoneon

Sanctus Daemoneon are a two-piece band (vocalist / lyricist Corso and music writer / multi-instrumentalist Cyrus Paice) from Denmark, formed in 2006 and creators of two full lengths and one EP / MCD, respectively Grey Metropolis (Regimental Records, 2008), the unaVOIDable (Negative Existence, 2010), and Nothingless Nothingness (Dunkelkunst, a sub-division of Kunsthauch, 2009).


Falgar are a one-man army from the exotic isle of Puerto Rico. It was formed in 2007 in the capital San Juan by Etienne Goldberg, formerly in Amenofis. After two demos (in 2007 and 2008), Falgar released a first EP, I Was Welcomed By Death (2008), shortly after followed by the debut full length, called Paths Which You Seek (2009).


Древо aka Drevo are a Russian project by Egor ‘Jarogor’ Chernyshov, with two full lengths released in 2008. One of them, called Велuчuе (Velichie), was the second release for what I think is one of the most interesting labels lately, Kunsthauch. Since the Kunsthauch headquarters were so kind to send this album to our HQ, I will be so kind, of course, to have this album reviewed, despite its age.


Viverna are an Italian act that were formed by multi-instrumentalist Marco ‘XXXIX’ Trentanove, who formerly was in Funeral Marmoori and Sulfur. After a short period he was joined by Stefano ‘Magus Ater’ Bonini, also formerly in Sulfur, ex-Necromass, and currently active in Domini and Fangs Of The Molossus.

Au Sacré Des Nuits

Au Sacré Des Nuits were formed as Destroying Monumentum in 2005 by Necrophelinthron and Nihil (both involved with e.g. Abske Fides or Shyy). This São Paulo-based act released a couple of demos before recording their debut Anti Humain. The album was originally released in July 2009 via defunct Beneath The Fog Productions, though in a very limited edition of fifty copies only.


Zifir are a Turkish band with two full lengths and a split in their discography. In 2007 Zifir released You Must Come With Us (via Poem), and in 2011 Protest Against Humanity (through Dunkelkunst, a sub-division of Kunsthauch). And in 2012 there was the split with Belgium’s top-act Cult Of Erinyes, a side-project of Psalm.


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