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Eyes 'n' Lips

At the basis of this Milano based Italian Glam Rock/ Metal act are guitarist Gypsy (real name Luca, family name untraced) and drummer Vik (real name Vittorio, family name unknown to yours truly), who meet each other by chance in February of 2009. Due to their common musical passion for LA-style Hard Rock, the twosome decides to start a band under the monicker of Snipers, recruiting additional members among their friends and acquaintances.


At the basis of this musical Symphonic Power Metal project, is one Fabrizio Sassi, previously known from the local (Ticino province, Switzerland) band Fragmenta (2005-2009), which was rather classically oriented. He is also the owner of his own Studio Oreadi, and releases his work under his own Se Pareba Boves Productions.


According to their info sheet, North-Italy's Heavy Rock act Stealth was founded in 2007 by guitarist/ backing singer Luca Occhi and drummer Marcello Danieli, who immediately set forth writing music and lyrics, and recruiting current lead singer Enrico Ghirelli (ex-Cattivi Pensieri, ex-Catarsi, ex-Mantra)...whom originally only stayed with the and for a couple of months, but then returned to the fold in 2011 (when his Mantra project was fading out).


Although this so-called Stoner band, based in Bovolone (near Verona in the North of Italy) was officially born in September of 2010, its history goes back to a year prior, when drummer Francesco “Francis Slaves” Schiavi and bassist Umberto Patuzzo along with singer/ guitarist Stefano Carmagnani started the band Jab.


For convenience's sake, we'll turn the clock on our time machine back to the summer of 2010, and to the geographical coordinates to the North-East Italian town of Genova.


I got/ found but little info on this Vicenza based North-Italian band, but I'm happy to share with you what I know about 'em.


Occasionally, some really great musical gems come out of the dark fogs of Northern Italy, and his band from Mantova certainly counts in that category. Well, actually the city (with some 50,000 inhabitants) is an exception in the usually very industrial north of Italy, as being surrounded by three lakes and having a rich and beautiful historical center (the town dating back to the 6th century!) rather makes it a touristic attraction.


This North-Italian band was founded in 2005, when the 4 members of the act previously known as Morphina decided to gear their music in a different direction, namely a Glam/ Sleeze Rock/ metal with lyrical “horror” elements.

Saturday Overdose

The story of this Italian band from Acqui Terme (a small town situated some 70 km NW from Genova, in the North of the country, which has a history going back to the year 173 BC!) starts in the year 2007, when 4 school friends and hang-out buddies (singer Enrico Boschiazzo aka Bosko Dirty Hack, guitarist Andrea Servetti aka Serve The Weedz, bassist Andrea Panaro aka Pana Doctor Gonzo, and drummer Filippo Galli aka machinegun Kocks) start a band under the nam


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