Hells Headbangers


First of all, the cover artwork. Different for the German / European and American market. Check out why, and don’t deny ignorance, arrogance and narrow-mindedness. No further comment…


I was pretty impressed by Nekrofilth’s 2008-demo (re-released in 2011 via their current label, Hells Headbangers; see update on May 8th 2011 in the Archives-section). The stuff got followed by two splits, one with almighty NunSlaughter and one with Speedwolf (resp. on Hells Headbangers and Doomentia), and earlier this year the band and Doomentia released the EP Street Bitch.

The Lurking Corpses

As the attentive reader knows in meantime, Hells Headbangers do re-release much stuff from the vault that might need some new attention. I am not gonna list up the stuff I did in the past, but believe me when I say that this label is capable to focus on the right material (check out any of the formerly written reviews on the site, including different Hells Headbangers-specials).


Mortal Throne Of Nazarene is / was Incantation’s second full album, after Onward To Golgotha, originally released via Relapse Records in 1994. I have no idea why, but Hells Headbangers are about to re-release this stuff with nothing additional at all, so I’m kind of disappointed (no bonus songs whatsoever???). Haven’t we all this stuff in our possession?

Void Meditation Cult

Sulfurous Prayers Of Blight And Darkness is a collection of two demonstrational recordings, Sulfurous Prayers (2010/2011) and Blight And Darkness (2009/2010). That explains the grandiose title of this compilation, as you could have guessed… Sulfurous Prayers was the band’s (in fact, a one-man project) 2011-demo, Blight Of Darkness was released in 2009 under the former moniker, Sperm Of Antichrist. The purists amongst us would call this stuff a split-release, I guess, but what the f…


The Hells Headbangers-crew has a good nose for sleaziness, and to prove it again, they will release Röck ‘n Roll Hellpatröl by German quartet Intöxicated (Jackhammer-b, ÄC-d, Löuie-v, and El Ranchö-g). Thrashing Rock’n’Roll in its widest spectrum (from Speed up to Death and Black Metal) is their trademark, but only in the rawest Old School form, and that’s why this label gets appreciated very intensively by undersigned.

Front Beast

Front Beast, a solo-project of Mr. Avenger, hail from Germany and return with their second full length studio album (their debut on Hells Headbangers), which lasts for forty four minutes.

Black Oath

Two years after the acceptable debut full length The Third Aeon (review posted in Summer 2011), which was also released through I Hate, Italian (Milan-based, actually) trio Black Oath return with Ov Qliphoth And Darkness, going on in the very same vein of that debut (and the few mini-releases done in mean time).


I recently reviewed the compilation album Vengeance Hell Immemorial (see update July 2013) by Singaporean Extreme Metal project Impiety, built around Mister Shyaithan.


Hells headbangers are so kind to compile, and release, some stuff once provided on vinyl before, by ultra-active entity NunSlaughter. More specific: this first part of the The Devil Congeries series consists of material taken from thirteen 7”EP’s, amongst which some split material and live stuff. …Volume 1 offers you twenty nine ‘songs’ that were studio-recorded, and the same number of tracks that were recorded live and released under the Hell On-moniker.


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