It may be true that it is nowadays rather hard to produce something entirely innovative in the heavy sludge genre, but some bands still deserve some special attention. As in the case of Palehorse, a UK band that has been around for over a decade. A major thing that sets Palehorse apart from the majority of genre bands is use of no axe guitars whatsoever, but instead they ad two four stringers..

Supra Naturals

I dunno where I got the feeling, but somehow I had the idea that I'd come across this Dutch Electro/ Rock act before, namely through buying an early EP of them at a local second-hand record store...but a double check learned me that I was apparently mistaken.


Even though they might not be known that much, Ukrainian act Paganland was formed more than fifteen years ago. At the end of last century, the band released a demonstrational record (Gods Of Golden Circle, on tape) and except for some local shows, nothing of importance happened. Eventually Paganland split up, but not officially.

Armed For Apocalypse

This up-and-coming CA band pounds out fairly lethal sludge metal in the sick and creepy style of bands like Valume Nob, Fleshpress and Fistula. The band sounds especially heavy plowing through some crushing grooves at mid and slower speeds. It's not all slow, though, and little bursts of speed often accompany chop changes.

King Parrot

King Parrot is a thrash and grind metal band from Australia and was formed by three ex-members of “Watchdog Discipline” (White, Lacey and Rizzo) plus Young from Stiff Meat and Cockfight Shootout bassist Slattz. The band fired off an EP in short order and quickly became firmly established as an energetic and punishing live force.


It's safe to say Havok has one goal: 'Thrash 'til death'. These denim and leather-clad metal warriors have quickly released their sophomore album Unnatural Selection. Much like last year's excellent Time is Up, Unnatural Selection finds Havok fast, frantic and damn near flawless. Yes, much on Unnatural Selection will echo elements of Sacrifice, DRI, Slayer, Kreator, and others but phantom lord, can these Denver lads play thrash!

October Tide

October Tide were formed in 1995 by two members of Katatonia, Jonas Renske and Fredrik Norrman. Initially October Tide were meant to be a temporary Katatonia-side-project, and after two full length albums the project was put on hold.

Altar Of Plagues

One of Ireland’s most prominent bands return with the third full length studio recording, almost exactly two years after Mammal (see Concreteweb’s Archive Section’s May 9th 2011-update for the really fabulously written -hehe- review done by undersigned). The stuff, coming with rather sober artwork, lasts for forty eight minutes, by the way.

October Falls

October Falls were once formed as an acoustic Folk-project by Mikko Lehto. The first releases were rather traditional / classical in approach, but throughout the years the project did introduce elements from Metal in general, and Black Pagan Metal more specifically.


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