Two Side Moon Promotion

Barbarian Twins

This '70s-styled Hard Rock act from Oslo, Norway, was founded in 2005 as a trio, and immediately made its mark in the USA, where their single “44” (part o their demo EP 44 Collection) won the Make A Star music contest that same year.


For a project with some truly high-grade Instrumental Metal music, these guys sure use a terribly illegible logo! But heck, that's not what this is about, is it?


To many of us, Iowa based Vaduz will be a new name, yet the band's roots go back all the way to 1987!


This international Symphonic/ Epic Metal project was originated in 2011 by Ukranian songwriter/ keyboardist Oleg Biblyi and American singer Darren Crisp (an idealist based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, whom started his own recording studio in 1999, order to help out artists whom the world would all too easily oversee, with audio/ visual means).

When They Wake

This Zug based Swiss Emo Rock band was originated in 2006 by singer Sven Ehmes and guitarist Stephan Kaiser as a means to do some occasional jam sessions, and soon grew out by the band (also comprising bassist/ pianist Jonathan Geiger and drummer/ pianist Silvan Strinimann) fitting out its own studio to record its April 2010 released EP The Progression, which stands as a symbol for the awakening of the musicians involved.


As a bandname, Subztain came to life when lead singer/ bassist Andreas Morling, guitarists Marcus Wahlstrom & Robin Sandvik, and drummer Mattias Nielsen were forced, in the Summer of 2011, to change the name (Subtopia) they were previously known under in their area of the world (a town called Upplands Väsby, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden well know for having already spawned the likes of Europe, Candlemass and Heat upon the Earth), due t

Skull Branded Pirates

From Leeds, UK, comes a band of jolly friends, who've taken the Pirate Metal theme and gave it a completely new musical outlook, which differs quite from what Power Metal acts such as Running Wild, and more recently Alestorm and Swashbuckle have delivered. Indeed, the main influences SBP uses come from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Manowar. In other words, Traditional Heavy Metal (with progressive leanings).


According to the info sheet we got along with the promo copy of this Askerhus (Oslo area) based Norwegian Heavy Metal band, all members in Requinox (being singer/ guitarist Kenneth KingRockFjeldstad, lead guitarist Terje “SpeedKing Teigen, second guitarist Eirik Avalanche Gue, bassist Ola BassanovaOeverli, and drummer Kim RogneRockRogner


Finland is a country which has already given us quite a few fine bands from a variety of genres over the past couple of decades. Quite a few of those bands harkened back to days of yore in musical history, but nevertheless they usually succeeded in bringing something fresh. From the country's capital comes Minutian, who aspire “to bring something fresh to the world of traditional Rock rhythms”.


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