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Maze Of Time

The story goes that one day in the middle of the last decade, guitarist/ songwriter Robert Edman returned home from a shopping trip in Helsinki, and having bought albums by the likes of The Flower Kings, Spock's Beard and Porcupine Tree, set to discovering the Third Wave of Progressive Rock! I mean, how can anyone with an interest in a specific field of music, in these modern days of Internet communication, be unaware of what's happening?

Layla Milou

From the little info I was able to gather on the Internet (and from the info sheet that accompanied our promo copy of the new album), I was able to make out that Layla Milou was propelled upon the German music market as "The Next Rock Chick To Check Out" by the 7Hard label in Spring 2009.


The Internet, sometimes a great tool for fact-finding, but occasionally a pain in the b...! For some reason, I was quite unable to log onto this Australian Hard Rock band's own website (www.), so I have no clear idea of when the band formed and whether line-up changes occurred, as that kind of info was not revealed on other sites either. So, what dó I now?


Since its conception in 2004, M.I.C. has seen several line-up changes, due maily to band leader and singer/ guitarist Yvon Serré's constant moving, not only within China (where the band was founded), but also back and forth to his native Canada.

Meroe you know, Meroë is an historical city on the right side of the river Nile, situated some 200 north from Karthoum, Sudan, and is known maily from the more than 200 piramids found on the West side of the town. The town was populated from around 800 BC to 350 AC, and was the capitol city of the Kingdom of Koesj for 7 centuries. The reason why the town was eventually abandoned, remains obscure, although there's speculation that the town was taken over by the Kingdom of Aksum around that time.

Kris Pohlmann Band

Huh...surprising sometimes, the events which can be at the basis of the formation of a band. Prior to the formation of the band that goes under his name, London-born Kris Pohlmann had been a bedroom Blues guitarist for more than 12 years, when in early 2003 his then longtime girlfriend left him. Not long after, he had to undergo surgery due to a football injuries, and started to compose some songs in order to take his mind off of his bad luck, using Blues as a healer. It was during that time that he wrote the songs “Heavy Pain”.

Mythic Force

Founded by guitarist Broderick Gray in 1991, Mythic Force is a Neo-Classically inspired Melodic Power Metal/ Heavy Metal act from Georgetown, Massachusetts,  which did not get around to releasing alums until they did so on their own at the beginning of this millennium! One cannot by wonder how comes, as the duo teamwork of Gray and longstanding fellow second guitarist Karl Heimar is indeed a more than nice one with interchanging lead plays!


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