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Introduction, part one …

Stijn Van Cauter is a very sympathetic guy, but he’s also a talented musician. I adore about all acts he’s involved with – some more than others, yet I think he’s a notoriety within the worldwide (Funeral-oriented) Doom scene. Some names: Until Death Overtakes Me, Inframonolithium, Beyond Black Void, The Sad Sun – enfin, I can sum up two hands full of projects (often solo) that I like, seen from aural point of view.


A very productive outfit from Hungary is Nagaarum, a solo-project by In Vacuo / GuilThee’s Gábor Tóth. In less than a decade, Nagaarum released fifteen full lengths and some splits (with the likes of Astru or Dreams After Death).


Fleurety might not be that well-known, I think, but the members are quite notorious names within the (Norwegian) Metal scene. The band was formed in 1991 (!) by Svein Egil Hatlevik (drums and vocals, and additional synths) and Alexander Nordgaren (electric and acoustic guitars, bass). The first one is or was also involved with diverse bands, such as Dødsheimgard, Umoral, Stagnant Waters, Strid (since last year) and many more.


Mekigah are a solo-outfit (in the earliest days, it was a duo) by Vis Ortis, who has been helped once again by a whole horde of same-minded session musicians for this successor of 2014’s Litost, amongst whom Black Rhino / Serpent Pig’s Leith Carnie, who took care of production and mix of this album as well, Yippie Brain’s Thomas K.

Sect 37

Stuart J Harris started the outfit Section 37 almost two decades ago, releasing stuff under the monikers of Section 37, Sect 37 or S 37. Always in a collaboration with another artist, Stuart writes, records and releases his electronic madness, and a label’s name that returns is that of Aesthetic Death, one of the greatest names, to my personal opinion, when talking about the weirdest dimensions of Doom and Ambient frenzy (and much more).

Haiku Funeral

~~With Hallucinations, Haiku Funeral have their fourth album, and the second for Aesthetic Death. The former release on their current label was Nightmare Painting, released in early Spring 2015. For the interested ones: the review on that album was published on June 7th 2015; you will find there some additional biographical information. The whole was written, composed and performed by the central duo of William Kopecky (bass, voices, lyrics) and Dimitar Dimitrov (vocals, programming, keyboards, guitars), with assistance of David Lillkvist on percussions / drums.


Once again I will take care of an ‘old’ album, because that’s my way of showing gratitude to a label that cares about music and bands rather than money (though I am sure each single album they will sell, maybe because of this review (?), might be welcomes with open arms; and why not anyway). No, seriously, Aesthetic Death were so kind to offer me this debut of Dutch formation Ortega as part of a hugely interesting parcel, so there is no reason why not to write at least some words about it.

Section 37

I was extremely confused when I listened to The Kudos Of Serial Killing the first time, and actually, right now, listening to this album for the third time, I am still brain-twisted. And when I read some info about this project on Aesthetic Death‘s home page, it didn’t quite help me to understand what was going on. But I think it’s charming to be submerged to the unexpected.

Haiku Funeral

For quite some time, Haiku Funeral please / irritate humanity with quite disturbing collections of Aural Creation / Destruction. Via Hikikomiri Records, the band released two albums before, called Assassination In The Hashish Cathedral and If God Is A Drug (seen the titles, this might be somewhat mind-tripping???; so I’d like to suggest you to read the quite unusual and explicit lyrics and you’ll have an idea).


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