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In the blessed year of 1970, a festival was held at the Isle Of Wight, to which around 600.000 people

attended.  You might call it a UK version of Woodstock if you like.  The bands that played were very

diverse, ranging from Jimi Hendrix, to The Doors, hell even Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell  

were there.

One of the bands that played on that festival was Irish band Taste, which featured the late Rory

Gallagher as frontmen.  I guess only people of my age, or slightly younger, might remember this great

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd travelled back to their hometown of Jacksonville – Florida, where two nights in a row they performed in their entirety their first two albums ‘Pronounced ‘Léh-‘Nérd ‘Skin-‘Nérd’ and ‘Second Helping’.  This concert was done at the historic Florida Theatre.

This DVD was filmed over those two days, and shows us a band in a very good form, performing in front of an enthousiastic crowd, hell, it’s hard to say who enjoyed these shows the best, the band, or the public.


Toto, a legendary American band, that has scored his first hit in 1979, with ‘Hold The Line’, a song that still is played on the radio channels, who scored again in the early eighties with hits like ‘Rosanna’ and ‘Africa’, and the list goes on.  For me their best album of all times however still is, and probably will always be their fourth album, simply called ‘IV’.

Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian - DVD

As mentioned in the review of the double CD version of this event (for details also check there), it's always more gratifying to séé how musicians feed off each other during performance, and the DVD perfectly showcases the individual sparks that went across the stage during the performance! Things one would miss out on when just listening to the CD's, include the fact that Tony was playing on a 7-string guitar, the frantic playing style Billy frequently displays, and the way Mike plays on the audience from behind his drum kit.


Hard to deny that, with the death of Ronnie James Dio on May 16, 2010 due to stomach cancer, one of the better singers in Heavy Metal music was brutally taken from that scene. A gap perhaps most badly felt by those who dealt with the man in daily life, as he was probably also one of the kinder people around!

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