Do not mistake this French band for any of the other acts by the same name, in fact, do also not mistake this band from the Montpellier region with the one from Lyon, who play a Wave version of a Black Metal and Punk hybrid.


Forget the samba, and listen to Scelerata, a metal band hailing from, yes you’ve guessed it right, Brazil.  This is their third release so far, their debut album ‘Darkness And Light’ having been released in 2006

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble

Oh my God.  Have thirty years really passed since the original release of ‘Texas Flood’?  Yes sir, there’s no denying that, and my wrinkles and receding hair line are there to prove it.

Now I occasionally like my portion of blues-rock, but at the time the original album was released, I was only interested in heavy metal or hard rock, so while I did listen to this album once in a while, it was not an album that I played a lot.


Some bands can be so obscure, there's hardly any info to be found on 'em on the Internet. Here's another case.


Warnot is a project by former Cloudscape guitarist Björn Eliassion.  He left Cloudscape in 2009, and started working on his own musical project, which ended as this album under the name Warnot.


Brooklyn based guitar-drum duo Xaddax is yet another great band in the list of stuff distributed by Mandaï (like, I daresay, most of their stuff), bringing us the band's debut full-length 10-track album which was released on the Skin Graft label back in May 2012.

Cold In Berlin

Deplorable how little info one can find on the Internet about this London based British band! From what I've been able to piece together, the band was formerly known as a quartet under the name of Death Cigarettes until the latter part of 2009, when original singer Maya and guitarist Andy decided to take on a new rhythm section.


Having started as a Bologna (Italy) based guitar-drums (guitar = Michele, drums= Giovanni) duo in 2006, D.U.N.E. grew to a quartet including singer Alessandro and bassist Nico (native of Barcelona and Toronto, but I ain't sure to whom which place relates), which released its debut 12-inch vinyl release L'Ipotesi Della Stipsi in March of 2008 through several labels (including Wallace Records, but with licencing to Shove records, In Limi


Enchantya is a band hailing from Portugal, and with this album they deliver their first work to the world.  They are fronted by Rute Fevereiro, whom some of you might know from Black Widow, a all female band, but which she left in 2004.

What this band brings us is progressive Goth metal, with female vocals. That the group consists of excellent musicians cannot be denied, especially the keyboards leave a very good impression, but the duo guitarists also give a great performance.


Jorn needs no introduction I guess.  He’s been around the scene since countless years, and has featured in many bands and projects, like Masterplan, Avantasia, Millenium and of course solo.

In those years he has released many fine albums. Now opinions might vary about this album. I mean there’s nothing wrong with the songs in themselves they’re sort of a compilation or a ‘best of’ of Jorn’s albums.  But they were dipped in a symphonic bath to end up on this record. 


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