Asylum Pyre

Asylum Pyre released their debut album ‘Natural Instinct’ in 2009.  I seem to have missed this album completely.  Now they’re back with their second opus.  Since their previous album there have been line-up changes, the drummer has been replaced, but also the female front vocalist has changed.

Bullet For My Valentine

The release of The Poison nearly 10 years ago, meant the big break-through for Welsh metalband Bullet For My Valentine. In some way, they managed to reinvent the heavy metal genre and they actually started the NWOBHM (=New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). They had everything to make it for a big audience: tight clean vocals, shredding screams and of course, they mastered their instruments extremely well. In the years that followed, they became immensely popular all over the world.

Babylon Mystery Orchestra

B.M.O. is the solo musical vehicle of Greenville, Alabama based Sidney Allen Johnson, and  Poinem Cherem is the 6th album on which he brings his typical socio-politically incorrect thoughts to life. For info on those previous releases, read the review of The Godless, The Godforsaken, And The God Damned in the TSM/SLW Promotions special also featuring Arbogast, Toyz and Yotangor, posted April 18, 2010..

Bad Memories

Well now, ain't this Italian Heavy AOR band a nice surprice to be found on the Perris Records label! That's a statement, not a question, because the keyboard-driven Melodic Heavy Rock tunes Bad Memories brings on its debut album are a far cry from the Glam/ Sleaze acts we usually find on the label.


There are not that much internationally known Metal acts from South Africa, but one of the most interesting ones is a pretty young act, Bloodbeast, formed in 2011 by some (current or former) members of Bile Of Man, Demented Martyr, Fuck The Corpses, Architecture Of Aggression and Divine Plague. With gratitude to Infektion, Bloodbeast will be able to penetrate the metallic spheres of the Northern hemisphere.


Huh...weird name for a “band”...but then, why would a person nót call his project after a cryptocrystalline form of silica (composed of very fine intergrowths of the silica minerals quartz and maganite)? With its waxy luster, semi-transparant aspect, and assuming a wide range of colours (although usually white to grey, greying blue, or a shade of brown ranging from pale to almost black), I can certainly understand why the mineral may have spoken to the artist's imagination! (P.S.: mineral description taken from Wikipedia)

Cyanide 4

Athens based Sleaze/ Glam Metal act Cyanide 4 have been at it for quite a while now, having been founded in 2008, same year as in which G.A. Sinn (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Johxnyy Slut (lead guitar), Nasty George (bass) and Alex Rated (drums) released their debut demo Complex.

Denouncement Pyre

Australia’s Denouncement Pyre gave me another aural orgasm in 2010 with their debut full length World Cremation, released through Hells Headbangers (review posted on 07/07/2010 and still available on Concreteweb’s archives section).


Pffhhhh... If some disappointment in The Art Of Loving (the 9th album under the Eloah monicker, by the now in Holland residing Austrian Elmer C. Fuchs) rang through in that sigh, then I've accomplished my goal (alternately, you know know what was meant, uh?).


Katalepsy hail from Russia, and in their home country, they seem to be one of the most active and one of the most appreciated Death acts nowadays. With their international debut full length Autopsychosis, these guys will try to convince the rest of the dead worlds as well. I wonder if they will succeed. For sure they deserve to succeed!


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