15 Times Dead

Taking influences from some of the major Rock and Metal bands of the past 30 years to create their own sound and style, Glasgow based quartet formed in 2004 (current line-up – possibly the original – consisting of lead singer/ bassist Andy Ritchie, guitarist/ singer Scott Watson, guitarist Tam Ritchie, and drummer William Bownlie), and quickly gained a top spot in the list of must-see bands of the local Metal scene!

Admiral Sir Cloudseley Shovell

Hailing from the historical coastal town Hastings in the South-West of England, this Psychedelic Rock/ Metal band took its name from the popular naval commander of the late 17th - early 18th century, and formed in 2008 as a power trio with a line-up of drummer Bill Darlington, bassist Louis Comfort-Wiggett (formerly of Bronco Bullfrog) and singer (say shouter)/ guitarist Johnny Gorilla...but have apparently been friends for ages beforehand, “...their lineage including more Neo-Psych, Garage, Freakbeat


Ævangelist are a Benighted In Sodom-side project, consisting of Ascaris and Matron Thorn. To the core, this project differs a lot from Benighted In Sodom. As a matter of fact, Ævangelist are different from any known music-k-al entity all over the world.


Album is a new band from Ohio. They formed somewhere in 2007 and have already released a self-titled album through a small label called Nice Life (from Columbus, Ohio). Album is a family band as drummer Josh Hopkins plays with Jason his brother and Winfield, who only lived three minutes away, was a friend of them.

The band began playing shows about a month into the band forming. When they were asked to play our first show they didn't even have a name yet and they just went with Album.


I had no idea what to think of this band/album.  It’s true I hadn’t even heard of the band before, yet it’s already their fourth album since their debut in 2001.  But in my opinion not knowing this band hasn’t done much damage to my system.


After a break of eighteen years, Finnish band Convulse return with a bright future in mind. In antecedence to the upcoming full length later this year, this band (which was originally formed at the end of the eighties as S.D.S., but due to different circumstances, amongst which military service, mandatory all over Europe in the early nineties, Convulse was put on hold in 1995) recorded two new songs to tease our impatience. And believe me, with this two-tracker, called Inner Evil, Convulse make me inquisitive…

Dali’s Llama

Dali’s Llama. from Palm Springs, CA have been around already for two decades, and still their mix of stoner, punk and bluesy metal manages to win me over. Dali’s Llama certainly have used more originality with their band name than with their sound, but from the opening track “Bad dreams” onward, it's perfectly clear that we are in the presence of a quartet who know how to transform themselves into a sonic bulldozer that's doing anything but taking prisoners.

Dead Samaritan

(Foreword :  We just received a reply from the band about the review of their album, notifying us of a couple of factual errors made in it. Rather than re-writing the whole article, I decided to ad a couple of post-scriptums, notifying where they apply within the article. I leave it up to you to read the article correctly)


Taking their name from a specific area, also known as The Valley Of Armageddon, in the Palestine Region of Israel, Brazilian Death-Thrash trio Esdrelon (current line-up consisting of bassist/ singer Darcio Aguilar, guitarist/ singer Cleber Beraldo, and drummer Jack Ferrante) formed at the start of 2002 in the industrial area of ABC (hum...I'm not sure what that means).


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