Red Eyes

Amsterdam is all about Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. It's known for its prostitutes (=sex), it's famous coffee shops (=drugs) and Red Eyes is there to add the rock 'n' roll aspect.

The Green River Burial

When people are asked to put The Green Rival Burial in a specific genre, many call them a beatdown band. After having listened to these Germans' first full-length, Seperate & Coalesce, this isn't the box I should put them in, at all. Most of the time, they sound like a technical and melodic hardcore band and at times, you can even hear parts that make me think of the Boston band The Carrier.


These days NWOBHM is alive and kicking in their homeland Japan. Blaze, from Osak, formed in 1998 tries to ring everything the original movement stand for. Fast guitarwork, simple drumbeats, …

This album came out in their own country a few years ago but back in the days the band didn’t had a label to promote them over here in Europe. Now the band and High Roller Records found each other. And we’re glad for that.

Gene The Werewolf

If you’re into glam metal, than this is just your thing I guess.  Gene The Werewolf – who persuaded these guys into this name? – play no-nonsense, eighties glam rock. From the instance I put this album on, my foot was tapping along with the songs.  It’s all so catchy, and of course we’ve all heard it before, but it’s so damn good…

They’ve put in just the right amount of guitars, drums, keyboard, you name it, they’ve got it.  Don’t expect farfetched lyrics, these guys sing about women, love, partying.  No hard sought lyrics, but just straight rock’n’roll lyrics.


Rumors had been circulating that Fabio Leone would become the new Kamelot vocalist, but in the end it was Tommy Karevik that would handle the microphone.  Has this changed Kamelot’s music profoundly?  No, not at all, Kamelot still sounds as Kamelot used to sound before.  Let’s put it frankly, if you just listen to the album, without knowing that you’re dealing with another vocalist, my guess is you wouldn’t even notice.

Orden Ogan

If you buy the limited edition digipak of this album you not only get the CD, but a DVD as well, recorded at Wacken in 2010, who also contains some bonus tracks and a video.  But I only received the CD.

Sacred Heart

From Sacred Heart there was only one three-track-tap called “the Vision” back in 1989. This demo will finally be released on CD by Pure Underground Records. Two more extra tracks will be included on this one. “Time After Time” and “Take Hold”. As well as a previously unreleased EP from 2010 recorded by guitarist Byron Nemeth (who entered Amon-Ra after the split of Sacred Heart in 1991).

Sleepy Hollow

It all began in 1989 for Sleepy Hollow. The band was formed in New Jersey by Dan Castiel and Joe Dell. After a short jam they decided they should put a band together and release their musical potential out to the air. Frank Melick came to the band and after a short audition he got the drummer role. Matt Schwartz entered the band and amazed them by his guitar playing. The band started to perform and soon they were asked to take a part in several Metal concerts.

The Very End

The Very End is a trash metal band from Germany.  Now a you might already know trash is not really my favorite cup of tea. But let’s not jump to conclusions, and give this album a fair chance.

Trash metal not being my favorite, it’s no small wonder I’d never heard of this band before.  Yet this is already their third album so far. But as far as I could tell they haven’t had much attention so far, and for that reason stayed quite obscure. I did find out that they’ve had their fair deal of line-up changes so far.


UK’s based Continents is a relatively new band to the scene but since their start in 2010 they made a lot of buzz and with their hard working party attitude they're only getting bigger!


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