Mechanical Organic

Oh my, changes, changes...that certainly is a theme here! First of all, changes in my professional life caused the review of this album (as well as some 50 others) to be somewhat delayed, as those changes caused me to attract writers' block.


Mammoth is a band hailing from Australia, and with this album they just released their third album on the world.  It’s the first album I ever lay my hands on though.


While I had been pleasantly surprised by the first two Issa albums, this new album was short of a deception to me.  Despite the fact that she has chosen songs from some well known melodic/AOR/hard rock artists like Mark Free, Aviator, 21 Guns, Atlantic and other bands, and has reworked them, it is a rather weak album.


Down, who still play their typical mix of sludge metal and classic rock, prefer to take their time. The band started already back in 1991, but The Purple is only their fourth album to date. The difficulty in judging this album is that I started to like it after quite some effort to dig and try to find interesting elements In the beginning it sounded rather typical and my initial impression was that few things were going on.

Daniele Liverani

Perhaps better known for his contributions on the keyboards and being the mastermind behind the likes of Twinspirits, the Genius Rock Opera, Cosmics and Khymera, Daniele Liverani is also a guitarist of some considerable skills, which he sufficiently proves with this 3rd instrumental album, delivered under his own name, on which he again plays the guitar.


As soon as the package labelled Corsair arrived in my mail, I knew I was in for a treat and I was right! I've been a big fan of this band and have been following them since their first Ep.  So far this band has been delivering 2 excellent EPs, and this one is no different. The third offering is one of those rare but welcome CDs that grabs you from the very first track and holds you enraptured through the entire recording.

As Silence Breaks

This Metal band from Sydney, Australia (“Metal” is really the word used in the opening lines of the info sheet we got with the download promo copy of the album) was started some 6 years ago, went through some line-up changes (current membership comprises lead singer Sam Rilatt, guitarist/ second singer Ben Irwin, guitarist Dan O'Brien, bassist Kiel Stranger, and drummer Reece Kirby).


I must admit it. When Fish left Marillion, I no longer followed this band, although several attempts were made, but I found the sound of the band stood of fell with Fish, despite the fact that the band more or less kept the same line-up, except for the drummer. 

Having heard that this new album, their seventeenth already- nobody seems to have taken any notice, but this band goes around for about 33 years already -   seemed to be a very good one, I made one more attempt.


Although this is an 100 % German band, their sound contains some vry heavy Southern Roc influences.  Yet they do not sound convincing enough, by which I mean something is lacking in their music to sound really ‘Southern’.  As a matter of fact I also hear some groove in their music.


The vocals aren’t too bad though, since Sven Zaklikowski is a rather good copy of Zakk Wylde, but alas with a German accent, like so many of his countrymen – vocalists have. The other musicians in this band also acquit themselves very well of the job.


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