A Torch To Pierce The Night is the latest release of the Italian hardcore band Purification. With this album, as the title gives a good reference, these Italians want to make the world more aware of the advantages of a vegan straight edge lifestyle. With songs such as Anatomy of a failed revolution and Traders of one thousand diseases, they succeed quite well in bringing their message across, but it's not completely working musical wise.

Inkilina Sazabra

This is a Portuguese industrial rock band, created in 2010 by the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Carlos Sobral and the writer and lead singer Pedro Sazabra, the only permanent members. They released their first album “A Divina Maldade” in 2011 and will release their new album “Almas Envenenadas” in July.


Boston act Converge have always been considered as one of the most inspiring, intense, important and influential metal/hardcore bands of all time and that's something the band proves once again on their new full length, called All We Love We Leave Behind.

Omnium Gatherum

The Fins of the northern death metal band Omnium Gatherum impressed us all back in 2011 with New World Shadows, there previous album. That album was more to be described as melodic metal, whereas their sound has now more evolved into a progressive unity.
Beyond is the band's sixth album and with some new band members, it sets another important mile stone in the evolution of Omnium Gatherum.

Kamikaze Test Pilots

Kamikaze Test Pilots is a band that is heavily influenced by System of a Down, that's pretty clear as far as the sound goes. However, it's not just a rip-off version of this talented and renowned band. It actually sounds pretty impressive. More impressive than I had expected, that's for sure.

Breed Of Burden

From London hails a new metal band which can already be seen as a new NWOBHM band. We're talking about Breed Of Burden who have released their very first full length, called The World Is Sick.

Suicidal Angels

Suicidal Angels is a Greek trash metal band that was created in 2001 by guitarist and singer Nick Melissourgos as a school project. but it wasn't until somewhere in January 2007 that the band started recording their first full length album entitled "Eternal Domination" which was released in July later that year. During that same period, the band did several tours with bands like Rotting Christ, Kreator, Massacre and many more.


Coming forth from Germany, is Majesty. A band formed by vocalist Tarek “MS” Maghary. Quickly after the release of their debut album, ‘Keep It True’ (2000), the band started to build up a its reputation and soon after became more and more popular (but mostly underground). Their popularity kept growing and they toured with bands like U.D.O. and Mystic Prophecy.

Think Of A New Kind

The first thing I read when unpacking this cd was TANK. Alright a new record of the beloved British band is nice present. When taking a closer look to the artwork it appealed to be a bit strange for a band like them, so maybe a band with the same name?  Nope, when taking a look to the side of the cd, there it stood: Think of A New Kind… ToANK… ok, mystery solved then, let’s hear what ToANK has to offer!


The first new Antidote album in 21 years, “No Peace In Our Time”, is a way back to the Old School produced by the band and mastered by Howie Weinberg. Just in time to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of NY hardcore, this album they themselves describe as hard as fuck old school. It also has Agnostic Front Roger Miret on it on the track Rise Above.


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