King Diamond

A double CD collection of ‘King Diamond’ songs, newly enhanced into ultimate editions, will be released by ‘Metal Blade Records’ next month. King Diamond’s ‘Dreams of Horror’ is the only ‘best of’ album covering the band’s entire career. King Diamond and ‘Andy LaRocque’ meticulously mastered and enhanced these 23 songs into the ultimate editions, chosen by the band from both the Roadrunner and Metal Blade catalog.

Heart & Friends

I never was a real Heart fan, despite the facts that they had some good songs, not the least of all on of their early successes ‘Barracuda’, but also to the fact that in the eighties I used to listen to AFN network (the radio station for the American Forces in Germany), because this was one of the few radio stations at that time that played AOR.


When Exodus initially formed in 1980, ‘Kirk Hammett’ was a big part of the band - with the name of the band actually coming from him, though he only recorded one demo tape with the band, and left shortly after to join Metallica. By this time, the other founding guitarist from the band, ‘Tim Agnello’, had left the band and been replaced by ‘Gary Holt’ - who, to many fans, has become the face of Exodus, being the only member to appear on every album released by the band.


British band Vega is back with their third album "Stereo Messiah"! Vega is a band formed in 2009 from the union of former KICK vocalist Nick Workman with the successful and respected song writing partnership of Tom and James Martin! Vega is a melodic hard rock band. And yes I can say: for me the album delivers a big 10!


Nachtblut, the Lower-Saxonian one, are a German quintet that return with Chimonas, the successor of 2012’s Dogma, and their fourth studio recording in almost ten years of existence. Frontman Askeroth and his horde created once again a catchy, well-produced full length with this one, which has a total running time of fifty minutes.

Dennis DeYoung - And the music of Styx

Dennis Deyoung brought his band to Los Angeles to record a concert for AXS-TV. Styx is the legendary rock band from Chicago which has been very famous in the 70’s and the 80’s. However you can’t call them one of my favorite bands. Dennis Deyoung was the vocalist, keyboard maestro and genius behind some of their hits. Now he is playing with young musicians and he is covering Styx! For me it doesn’t work! As we expect from a live album, the classics are all here! “Grand Illusion”, “Lady”, “Mr.

Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne’ return with their new album just over a year since the highly enjoyable ‘Youngblood’. Most of the band members are also in death/black metal bands, yet Audrey Horne is more a homage to the classic rock of bands like ‘Van Halen, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden’.


Mr.Big is an American hardrock group formed in LA, California in 1988. Till 2002 the stoped after a farewell tour. But in 2009 they reunite again with the original members from the start in 1988. The current members are Eric Martin – lead vocals (1988–2002, 2009–present), Pat Torpey – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1988–2002, 2009–present), Billy Sheehan – bass guitar, backing vocals (1988–2002, 2009–present), Paul Gilbert – guitar, backing vocals (1988–1997, 2009–present).


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