Crazy Lixx

So far this Swedish band has released 3 studio albums, so this self-named album is their fourth effort. What they bring us here is a mix of hair metal, combined with melodic hard rock, so this might be an album that pleases a lot of people. What this band reminds me of, are the glorious eighthies, with stadium bands like Def Leppard and Whitesnake, although their sound is not the same, due to the hair metal influences of course.

Rated X

I guess you can’t get more classic hard rock than what this outfit brings us, which is no wonder if you see the line-up of this band.  First of all you get Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep ¨Purple, Whitesnake) on vocalx, then you get Karl Cochran (Ace Frehley) on guitars, next in line is Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Whitesnake) on bass guitar, and last but not least Carmine Appice (<

Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow are a five piece British melodic metalcore band that was formed in 2006 in Hampshire, England. Their initial line up was consisting of guitarist and clean vocalist Jason Cameron, drummer Adam Jackson, vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates, bassist Davyd Winter-Bates (his brother) and lead guitarist Mehdi Vismara. They released their first album in 2007.


Line Up :

Gerre - Vocals

Andi Gutjahr - Guitars

Frank Thorwarth - Bass

Olaf Zissel – Drums

Tankard release a solid old-school trash metal album

Cavalera Conspiracy

The Cavalera brothers Max and Igor delude nobody when it comes to determination and stubbornness. In the 1990s the Brazilians brought up some of the most uncompromising Metal records of music history with Sepultura and show with Cavalera Conspiracy that fatigue is a foreign word f. These lads from Brazil, French and the USA play these awesome mix between death- and trash metal.


An Unending Pathway is the third album by Atriarch (they released stuff before via same-minded labels Seventh Rule and Profound Lore), and it clocks forty minutes. This album, a seven-tracker, was produced by one of the greatest names within the scene, Billy Anderson. The quartet once again created a very distinctive, own-visionary form of Aural Art, which cannot be labelled as ‘Metal’, yet with pertinent, persistent metalized basics anyway.

The Drip

If the longest track on a 6 song ep is  2’.27” then one conclusion can already be that we’re not talking about a Doom Metal band…..


Is David Coverdale in need of some money, or is Frontiers Records running out of new bands I don’t know, but this is the umpteenth live album from this band that is released the last years.

Of course it’s true that 2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of the ‘Slide It In’ album, which is the first album they received multiple Platinum for.  But we’ve heard all these songs before, and most of them feature on one – or another – live album from this band.


Line up :

Damian Wilson - Vocals

Karl Groom - Guitars

Pete Morten - Guitars

Steve Anderson - Bass

Richard West - Keyboards

Johanne James - Drums


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