Rough Trade Benelux


Is David Coverdale in need of some money, or is Frontiers Records running out of new bands I don’t know, but this is the umpteenth live album from this band that is released the last years.

Of course it’s true that 2014 marks the 30th Anniversary of the ‘Slide It In’ album, which is the first album they received multiple Platinum for.  But we’ve heard all these songs before, and most of them feature on one – or another – live album from this band.

Vanden Plas

A new Vanden Plas album is always something to look forward to. They’ve never failed to amaze me with their fantastic albums.  Four years have passed since their last album ‘The Seraphic Clockwork’.  But it has definitely been worth the waiting .

Pretty Maids

Yet another great release from Danish band Pretty Maids.  They’ve kept on releasing good album after good album since 2010’s Pandemonium album.

However mind you, this is not a totally new album.  It consists of 12 tracks, 8 of whom are re-recordings of tracks they did in their period with Massacre records, and 4 are new tracks.  But it’s the four new tracks that steal the show.  Two of them are straight forward heavy metal songs, and the other two are very good ballads.


This band, or is it just a project, consists of some very well known musicians.  On vocals we have none other than Tommy La Verdi (21 Guns), Josh Ramos (The Storm, Hardline) on guitars and Michael Shotton (Von Groove, Airtime) on drums.  The intention of this project was I guess to resurrect the career of Tommy La Verdi, whom we’d not heard of in a long time.  There’s also fair contribution of Alessadro Del Vecchio (


If I'm reading my info sources correctly, this Chicago based Blackened Sludge-Noise act was founded in 2003 by the trio of singer/ guitarist Dylan O'Toole, bassist Ron Devries, and drummer Brian Lynn, and in that line-up not only self-released their 3-track 11-minute debut EP God Slave, but also their (11-track, 54-minute) debut album The Unquiet Sky, issued in May 2005 on the Seventh Rule Recordings label.

Culted the story of the formation of this band is somewhat peculiar, but also not unthinkable in these days of Internet communications. You know, the four members of Culted have never actually been together in one room, but is that actually such an amazing feat? I mean, if musicians from different sides of the globe can contribute to songs written by others, why could they not switch ideas back an forth in order to write music together? I mean, it's been done before, you know!


Another of these bands that seem to have existed forever, and despite not receiving much attention in the regular press nor on the mainstream airwaves, continue to record and release new albums.  And on this album, there still are three of the four original band members giving acte de presence.


Sometimes everything goes the way you want, but at other times, it just seems like the world turns its back on you. That last thing happened to the German Deadlock when their grunter left the band after the release of Bizzaro World. The departure of Johannes Prem left a sour taste as he was the original singer before Sabine Scherer joined the band and he formed the foundation for the typical Deadlock sound.


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