Rough Trade Benelux.

Inter Arma

Now that they have found their way to Relapse Records, Inter Arma’s unique music will be available to a much larger crowd. From black to doom to post and to sludge metal Sky Burial is comprised of  innovative, inventive and incredible crushing metal The band's versatility shines through on every track and the band is able to pull each song off without sounding like any. I was totally captivated by this band from the beginning. These guys can mangle your intestines just as easily as they mangle genres.

Call Of the Void

Not sure if they're a sludge, crust or grindcore band, Call of the Void decides to be all three at once with their 2013 release Dragged Down A Dead End Path. Musically the disc is complex full. The guitars chop, thrash and wail. The bass and drums lay down an amazing blast beat with the vocals providing a backwash of anger. Call Of the Void sounds as if they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and must create angry bulldozing music for catharsis.


The last thing we’ve heard of Neara was their fifth album ‘Forging’ The Eclipse’ in 2010. The years after where very busy. They shared the stage with Parkway Drive, System Of A Down,… They were honored to be chosen by German Metal Hammer magazine to contribute a cover version of Metallica’s “Through The Never” to the bonus cd of the magazines ‘Black Albem 20 years anniversary’.

Amity In Fame

This Linz based Austrian band, today centered around lead singer Michael Bilcher, guitarist/ backing singer Filip Hörschläger, Roman Mayrhofer, and drummer Michael Kapfinger (and apparently operating both live and in the studio with guest musicians), was formed in May 2008 (then still with additional female singer Judith Schweder as extra permanent member and Wilfried Wöss as the drummer), jumped into the studio to make an acoustic version (which they promptly dubbed “Powerful Acoustic Rock


Crashdiet was formed in 2000 by Dave Lepard who formerly played in a death metal band Warpath, a rather strange turn in his career if you ask me, coming from a death metal band and forming what can be called a glam metal band. However the first line up had not much success, so a second version of the band saw life, and released their first album ‘Rest In Sleaze’, which was rather successful.

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day is a new Italian hard rock band and if you are a sucker for melodic hard rock music I am pretty sure you will or already have added their self-titled debut album to your collection...

The band members are no new kids on the block. Andrea Cantarelli (guitarist) co-founding member from Labyrinth started this new band/concept from scratch and easily convinced his mate Roberto Trianti (vocals/bass) to join and with Alessandro Bissa (Drums) they completed the lineup. 

Great White

To celebrate their 30 years of existence, Great White recorded a live album in the Keys Club in Los Angeles.  From the album you can’t tell If they set the house on fire, a feat the fake White managed to do in 2003, although they had to use pyrotechnics…..


Sweden’s Tiamat started during the second part of the eighties as a unique Death Metal formation (originally as Treblinka; despite the badly-chosen name, I did love this act a lot!), combining the typifying Swedish school (i.e. the Sunlight-sound!) with some own-faced elements. The experimentation became more and more important throughout the years, and as from Wildhoney (Century Media, 1994) they did indeed develop a sound that was both original and unusual.

Pink Cream 69

Fans had to wait for six years, before Pink Cream 69 finally releases a brand new studio album, but I will immediately unveil the secret, it’s been worth the wait.  With Dennis Ward Being very active as a producer, and on top of that being lead vocalist for Khymera it’s no wonder it took them that long.

Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison is without any doubt one of the best rock vocalist on this planet and does not need any further introduction ....unless you are from another planet.He was, along side with Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator) one of my first hero's. He certainly was my first rockhero...I must have played the "eye of the tiger" like a trillion times (I was a teenager in the 80's just discovering rock music) & I think I can still sing it word for word...but enough about the past..


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