Rough Trade Benelux.


Forgive me this remark, but I think in this case Frontiers Records are really milking the cow dry so to speak.  Shortly after releasing the live album ‘Made In Japan’, they’re now releasing yet another live album ‘Made In Britain’.  And to make matters worse these recordings stem from the same tour as the ‘Made In Japan’ album.

So does it add something to Whitesnake’s repertorium?  I’m not sure, but I’ve got the slight impression that the songs on this album have just a tad more energy than those on the ‘Made In Japan’ album. 

Saltatio Mortis

Saltatio Mortis is a German medieval metal band. Their name is Latin witch means “dance of death”. It’s an allusion to the “Dance Of Death”, and a motto of the band is: “He who dances does not die.” Unfortunately I don’t understand any German, and their official website and Facebook have no translated version so I couldn’t find out anything about these lads.

Pat Travers

Pat Travers.  For the younger of you this name probably means nothing, but for the veterans like me it does.  Way back in the late seventies, early eighties he was a relatively well known guitarist/vocalist. 

Lacrimas Profundere

Lacrimas Profundere from Germany are back with a new release on Napalm Records, called Antiadore, which has a total running time of forty five minutes. And I’ll be honest: I’ve never been a huge amateur of this band. This album won’t change my opinion. For the better part, Antiadore goes on in the vein of some of the latest records like Songs For The Last View or The Grandiose Nowhere.

Toxic Shock

Hey, seems like this bandname has had quite some popularity with Thrash Metal acts in the past (era late '80s – early '90s) with no less than 3 acts known by that name having recorded material for posterity. From Germany (the Eislingen/ Baden-Würtemberg area) came a band which released 3 full-length albums between 1988 to 1992 (with 2 demos prior), and in the US there were twó bands, one from West Mystic (Connecticut) which left us a 1989 EP, and one from NYCity (and members of Tampa, Florida) which produced 5 demos between 1988 and 1992.


No doubt about it, this Saarbrücken based German Power Metal quintet (who can boast the feat of still having the same line-up as when they started out in 2003) has all the elements which will please the average (and still largest part) of the (mindless) masses into that kind of music: catchy melodies with singalong choruses, bombasticism in the form of an infusion of Classical elements, and lyrical topics (werewolves, vampires, and anti-religious themes – though the latter are meant to be ironical) which at the same time make the listener openly smile and secretly shiver.

The Poodles

If you’re into glam rock, then this album must sound like sheer heaven to you.  It’s crammed full of ballsy, energetic and also quite catchy songs from start to finish.

Not only are the songs great in itself, but the performance these musicians deliver us is also outstanding.  And don’t forget Jakob Samuelsson, the vocalist.  At first you think he has a rather high pitched voice, but as a matter of fact he has a rather wide vocal range.

Electric Light Orchestra

This album was originally released in 2001, but was very hard to find for the last years.  Frontiers now have had the tracks remastered, and re-released this album with as a bonus two extra tracks.  As a matter of fact the line-up for this release, besides Jeff Lynne consisted of only one other ex ELO member, Richard Tandy.


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