Rough Trade Benelux.


Get ready for some really unrelentless stuff from our Swiss noise-terrorrists of Mumakil . I am not familiar with their past, but Mumakil’s album is not bad at all. Even though Flies Will Starve, their second full length on Relapse, doesn't break new ground, the excellent production and the flawless (s)kil(l)s, combined with some of the most upbeat straightforward grindcore songs make this album a highlight that should be found in every well sorted collection of extreme music.

Amon Amarth

What introduction can I prepare since Amon Amarth surely are one of the ‘biggest’ names within the international Extreme Metal scene. I do follow them since the earliest years and I’ve always appreciated what they did, for Amon Amarth are one of those bands that pay tribute to the Old School, but translate this passion with a very own, specific interpretation. For sure Amon Amarth are one of the best bands ever in their specific genre.


Interlude isn’t just a ‘new’ album by Dutch Sympho-Metal band Delain. It’s a special release in order to thank their fans for their support throughout the years.

Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne is best known for his work with Electric Light Orchestra, shortened ELO.  But he has also done some solo work, and this is where ‘Armchair Theatre’ comes from.  This Frontiers release actually is a re-release of an album that has been out of print for a decade or so.  Frontiers have added two previously unreleased tracks however.


Gloryhammer is, so to speak, the brainchild of Christopher Bowes, mastermind of Alestorm.  But mind you, this album has no similarities to what he does with Alestorm. He wrote the music for this album, and played the keyboards on it.  For the vocals he enlisted the aid of Thomas Winkler (Emerald), who did a great job.


First impressions of Eldkraft will leave many metal heads bewildered and confused as they try to decide whether to stick with, this the band’s first album Shaman. Not because it’s a barrage of noise but because this isn’t exactly your run of the mill metal.

Electric Light Orchestra

The stream of releases of live albums seems endless these days, and apparently Electric Light Orchestra couldn’t escape the dance either. This is stuff taken from the original ZOOM Tour, as a matter of fact it’s material taken from the inaugural show in 2001 at Los Angeles CBS’ Television City.


ASG hail from North Carolina and have been around for about a dozen years. I am always pleased when an album exceeds my expectations and this one does. Shifting from stoner to metal to blues to effective yet eerie space rock, Blood Drive never gets stuck. Each song is weaved nicely and is chock full of creativity..The musicianship is extremely tight with plenty of killer guitar solos and very impressive vocal harmonies enhanced by the amazing voice of Jason Shi, whose style is very similar to Perry Farrell.

Memory Garden

As the name of this Swedish band implies, Memory Garden are more than a little familiar with Trouble. Memory Garden was found in 1992 in Sweden and have since then released four albums, two of them under the flag of Metal Blade Records Doomain is the fifth album by Swedish doom/heavy metal band Memory Garden.


The first W.E.T. album, released in 2009, was critically acclaimed.  For a ‘band’ that had been created by a record label to create such a stir was quite sensational.  Of course the musicians involved had all proven themselves previously.

Now the world is ready to receive the next installment.  And just like the first album, it’s sensational.  It’s in the same vein as it’s predecessor, so fans of melodic rock don’t need to hesitate for a moment and can blindly buy this album.


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