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It is not because I am chauvinistic, but normally we consider the U.S., Sweden and Germany as the most important countries when it comes to Death Metal. I think the Lowlands, i.e. Belgium and (especially) the Netherlands, are at least as influential for the worldwide scene. It was the case in the earliest years, and it has not changed.

Demon Eye

Perhaps the best way to describe the sound of Demon Eye is to imagine early Pentagram if they were heavily Purple influenced. If you can imagine that sound, and if you think you'd like it, then this bunch of demons might be right up your alley. It's pure vintage doom rock with no frills, no edgy alternative angles and no apologies.


Norwegian project Weh is a mainly acoustic Folk project by Erik Evju, who wanted to create a mixture of darkened feelings and natural emotions. Under the moniker Weh, Erik recorded and released a first demo / EP in 2002, called The Death, and it received very positive reactions in Norway as well as in the rest of the world. 2003 saw the release of a second demo, called All The Sinners Are Sleeping Now, followed in 2004 by demo # 3, The Coffee’s Cold In The Morning, The Beer’s Warm At Night.


Dutch Heretic were formed in North Brabant, Holland, in 1995. Throughout the past years, they recorded a handful of (excellent) albums: Black Metal Holocaust (1999), Devilworshipper (2003), and after a temporary split Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan (2008); they also released some splits (e.g.

One Inch Giant

Their debut mini-album ‘Malva’, released in 2011 seems to have been a stoner album.  This new, full record however has more than stoner to it.  There’s also a dose of what I’d dare to call grunge mixed in, as well as some progressive metal. 


The Obscurity Within… is the first full length by Dutch horde Entrapment. The band’s demos and 7”EP’s were sold out very quickly, but this debut will, of course, appear in a much larger edition.

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