A very active and productive musician from Hungarian soil, and this for quite some time, is Thomas Khrul. He’s active, both solo as in duo (mostly with same-minded vocalists) or in bands, in acts like Siculicidium, Gorthor, Shadowthrone, Funebre, the young Eonian Tenebris or mighty Nocrul, amongst several others. This guy also has a Dungeon Synth project, called Vallahir.

8 Hour Animal

Hailing from New York – more specifically Poughkeepsie (ah, I adore that name, though I do not exactly know how to pronounce it decently) – 8 Hour Animal is an Industrial / Electronics act that did impress undersigned deeply with their Sentient Ruin Laboratories debut Resigner (link for the review: see below). In the meantime, this project recorded and released some more interesting stuff, and earlier this year they did also finish a new effort for Sentient Ruin Laboratories, called Kill Your Boss.


This release is the result of a (long-lasting) partnership in between two entities from Hungarian soil. At the one hand, you have the project Spellblood. It’s a solo-outfit by some Knot, who is behind the Black Metal project Kolp as well (and apparently Kolp did release a new album very recently, after a hiatus of many years; something to be aware of for sure). At the other hand, the label behind this specific release, Kajdum’s Tower, is a division of NGC Prod.

Aranea Telam

Kajdum’s Tower is a very young label, formed at the end of 2021, which focuses on Dungeon Synth styled Music. It was formed by Gábor Tóth, especially known from his activities within the harsher and more explorative Metal scene. He’s the guy behind outfits like Nagaarum, In Vacuo, GuilThee or Értéktelen (amongst others), as well as the owner of NGC Prod.


Maybe the name ‘Xenoglossy’ might not be that ‘huge’ (yet), but actually Xenoglossy Productions are a not-to-underestimate-label (from Italian soil) at all. Illuminated Manuscripts, Deathvoid or Gonemage; it’s just a limited yet interesting collection of acts on this label, which do deserve any additional support.

Empty Chalice

[older material, but way too interesting to ignore; and a (late) promise / commitment to the guy behind the label involved; actual release-date: June 10th 2018, but since I can’t go back that far in the release date’s scroll-down-menu on top…]


I have to admit that I do not know that many bands or projects from Bangladesh, but there are some interesting combos out there for sure. Amongst them are ChronicleS, known from their demonstrational efforts WarMachine and Astōdān. Especially that second one did put their name on the international market.


As you might know in the meantime, Moloch Conspiracy’s frontman Julien Lacroix runs the new label Ungaikyō Prod., which releases Electronic Music (from Dark Ambient to Dungeon Synth) that is inspired by the (ancient) Japanese culture. The label releases material from some of Julien’s own solo-outfits (like the one this review deals with), as well as from other artists. As said, there is one goal: dark-edged Music with a focus on old Japanese traditions.


It would be a waste of time to express my appreciation, dedication, respect, whatever, for Dutch musician / artist - oops, that’s too much; ‘artist’ or ‘musician’ are monikers way too inferior, way too extreme, hehe, for this guy also performs as Gnaw Their Tongues or Aderlating… Anyway, Maurice ‘Mories’ de Jong has about 333 projects going; some even more intriguing than others.


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