Obscure Evil

Obscure Evil are a new collaboration of three young Peruvian Metal heads: bass player Suffering Soul of Sordid-fame, Naked Whipper (ex-Nexwomb / Witchfucker / Gorphyryac / Angelripper) on guitars and vocals, and former Purgatorio drummer Tzarathustra.

Alexander Adams

I was quite surprised when I listened to this release, and this for a couple of reasons: the length and the label involved. Actually, the label, Lurker Bias, is a very young but highly productive label from the Chicago area. They are specialised in most kinds of Noise and Extreme Experimental Music in general (Jazz-influenced madness, for example), and especially when it comes to Noise Wall and Harsh Noise, this label must be a recommendation for this sick / sickened / sickening scene.

Sonic Poison

Before taking off: this is NOT a review on the (legendary) Hardcore / Punk act!

This review deals with a Death / Thrash act, which does release a nasty, short but right-in-the-face EP, appropriately called Harsh Demonstration. Indeed it is a harsh demonstration on how to make sonic ugliness attractive. For the better part the band succeeds to do so…

Piotr Cisak

Piotr Cisak is a Polish musician / artist that surprised me more than once in the past. Especially the album released as Arsenne + Cisak + Oleksiński did satisfy my eardrums and brain (see update January 17th 2016 for my enthusiastic review…). Another review published recently on is the one for the Kodomo No Hi album – see March 24th 2016 in case you’re interested.

Into Coffin

Into Coffin are a three piece from Marburg, Germany, formed in 2015 when Death / Crust act Infuria (they actually originate from Italy) got into line-up troubles. After a demonstrational recording in 2015, the band did record five tracks, which got gathered under the banner of Into A Pyramid Of Doom. It gets released on pro-tape in an edition of 150 copies via Caligari Records, but there is a CD-edition as well, released by Terror From Hell Records.


On February 10th 2014 I wrote and uploaded a review for Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius, a monster of an album by U.K.-based act Abyssal (Iron Bonehead Productions). Abyssal are a solo-outfit by a guy who calls himself G.D.C., and this person recently started another solo-project, called Inculcator.

Geneviève Pasquier

After quite a long period of silence, Geneviève Pasquier returns with a ‘new’ recording, including older live material as bonus. Last decade she did release some highly acclaimed albums, especially via Ant-Zen or UMB (the latter being run by herself and Thorofon / The Musick Wreckers colleague Anton Knilpert (nowadays known as Dan Courtman, if I’m not mistaken).


Concreteweb did publish a review for the untitled Enza Negra EP, which is one of the projects that involves Jose ‘RottenCorpse’ Murcia (hey, Murcia is also the name of the city this guy lives in). The guy runs Craneal Fracture Records too, a label especially known for Noise, Power-Electronics and the likes.


Superbia – avataria – luxuria – invidia – gula – ira – acedia… Who is not craving for all these pleasures of life?... And if you take the first letter of each sinful joy, you’ll have ‘saligia’, which is the name as well for a project by Ghastly. At the end of last decade there were some demonstrational recordings, amongst which the promotional demo Sic Transit Mundi, and under the very same title, Norwegian act Saligia released a first vinyl album in Autumn 2011 via U.K.-based label Barghest.

Mortuus Umbra

Mortuus Umbra are a new combo from the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. After a digitally released single, they came with a four-track EP, released the digital way as well as on CD in a co-operation in between Israeli labels Forneus Records and Totalrust Music and now on tape too via No Return (the review for Saligia, by the way, will be written and uploaded very soon!).


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