Bokluk are a Spanish Death Metal formation, nowadays consisting of Alex (vocals), Corey (drums), Iago (bass, vocals) and Tukas (guitars, as well as recording, mix and mastering).

Dgorath / Dark Ritual

The Black Metal oriented sub-label of Legs Akimbo, Locust Amber Records, focuses on tape-releases especially, and one of them is the split-tape Odyssey Of The Twelfth Talisman, not the cartoon, yet a recording done by London-based acts Dgorath and Dark Ritual. Both of them are quite young bands that recorded their material in 2014 and 2015.

Moloch / Voidstar

One of the many splits with Ukraine’s Moloch is the one with Swiss act Voidstar. Initially their collaboration saw the light in early 2015 via Nocebo Records (digital and vinyl), and Legs Akimbo’s sub-label Locust Amber Records did take care of the tape-re-issue, though this one being limited to an edition of fifty two (52) copies only, half of them released on grey cassettes, the other half on brown ones.

HgM / L_Arsenne

Death Carnival Records are a Noise / Drone / Industrial / Ambient label from Nice, France, nowadays acting under the wings of Arsenic Solaris (cf. Arthur Arsenne and his multiple outfits). Most releases are done on tape-edition, and since I did receive a handful of them, you can expect quite some reviews on these creations as from now on. Stay alert!


Remains are quite a young Mexican project, formed in 2011 by Miguel Angel (joined then, or afterwards, by colleagues from e.g. Anoxia, BIID, Fractal Entropy etc.). After some demonstrational material, there was a first full length release in 2014, called Angels Burned, and now Miguel returns with a new effort, called Evoking Darkness.

Ensarcosis Demonica

Locust Amber Records are a sub-division of Legs Akimbo, but both rosters differ a lot from each other. While the parent label focuses on Noise / Breakcore / Grind stuff especially, Locust Amber Records has been created to support the Black Metal scene especially, especially via the promotion on (limited) tape editions. This review is the first one in a row of more than ten tapes that will be reviewed and uploaded in the near future.

Aube Grise

I do respect Anna M a lot, for she’s part of the Distant Voices-crew, taking care of the visual part (photography and graphic design) for the releases done by this fabulous French label. So I was quite surprised, as well as pleased, to notice that she wrote some own material. Eventually Anna did record some of those compositions during some days (it were times of seclusion) in spring 2015 (i.e. vocals, guitars, bass, drums and additional sounds), and the result was mixed and mastered in June 2015.


Efferat are a young act from the East of the States (Ohio and Philadelphia), consisting of the brothers David and Nick Brake (they took care of mix and mastering too for this release), and drummer Chris Drossis. Together with some other session musicians, they recorded this strange material in order to have it released on CD in early spring 2015. Burn Ward Records now bring out this stuff on cassette, though being extremely limited, i.e.

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus (2)

[same introduction as I did for the Synkkä Tuuli re-release; see recently updated review for that release, posted earlier this week, on December 24th 2015]

I never mind to write a review for older material, as long as it might need the attention it deserves. Pretty much the same goes for two releases I recently received from Infernal Kommando Records, dealing with the band Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus. This stuff is two years of age, but since 1) I did receive it quite recently and 2) it is of a superb quality…


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