In the blessed year of 1970, a festival was held at the Isle Of Wight, to which around 600.000 people

attended.  You might call it a UK version of Woodstock if you like.  The bands that played were very

diverse, ranging from Jimi Hendrix, to The Doors, hell even Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell  

were there.

One of the bands that played on that festival was Irish band Taste, which featured the late Rory

Gallagher as frontmen.  I guess only people of my age, or slightly younger, might remember this great


It’s been a while since Whitesnake have released a new album, yet here it is, albeit not with brand new songs, but with songs from Deep Purple Mark 3 and 4.  It might have escaped you, but for a while David Coverdale has been part of that band, between August 1973 and March 1976.

Mob Rules

Since their beginnings – already 20 years ago I suddenly realize – Mob Rules have released seven studio albums, and to celebrate their 20 years existence have now released this Timekeeper album, which consists of 2 full CD’s, a DVD containing only a single, and a DVD.


Whilst this album is called ‘Last Tangle In Paris’, the filming of the DVD actually took place at Chicago’s Vic Theatre in June 2012, is a Mistery to me and probably to most people.

For Ministry fans, you get not only the DVD with about an hour and a half of material on it, the bulk of which consists of  concert footage and some backstage shots and also some interviews, but more importantly also 3 CD’s.


Gosh...the weird stuff we sometimes get to review at ConcreteWeb! Hailing from Turku (a city some 160 km removed from Finland's capitol Helsinki in the western direction) comes the synthesizer trio of Wolf Rami (synths), Mazathoth (additional synths) and Inhalator 2 (electronic drum pads)...better known as Nightsatan.

Deep Purple

In their "Official Deep Purple (Overseas) Live Series" (which is to comprehend 10 albums of historical milestones and rarities of the band (including bonus material and tons of rare pictures) (sic), were are hereby treated to a re-issue of the Deep Purple's concert at Stockholm's Konserthuset, on November 12th, 1970. Recorded back then for airing over the Swedish radio, the material was bootlegged in that mono version several times (on double LP) before an official release happened in 1988 under the title Scandinavian Nights.

Iron Maiden

Ever since I turned to metal and hard rock, I’ve been a Maiden fan, except for the Blaze Bailey period, and I own every studio album, once again except the two albums Blaze sang on.  Besides the studio albums I also own some live albums, and I’ve even still got some vinyl thing lying around.


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