Consouling Sounds

30.000 Monkies

After Womb Eater Wife Beater and Somewhere Over The Painbow, 30.000 Monkeys, hailing from Beringen, Limburg, Belgium, and named after a band that did clearly inspire them, Lightning Bolt, return with another piece of total yet enthusiastic absurdism, called I Ate Myself To Grow Twice As Big. It gets released by our own Consouling Sounds on both compact disc and vinyl (12” long player) and it lasts for just over forty minutes.

N + Viscera///

Das Lächeln, Deinerseits is the third collaboration on Consouling Sounds that was created especially for this Flemish label’s inception celebration (their self-developed so-called Consouling Split Series). After a co-operation in between Gnaw Their Tongue and Alkerdeel, and Vanessa Van Basten with Hemelbestormer, now it’s time for Viscera/// joining forces with N.

Azure Mortal

Azure Mortalis producing avant-garde electronic audio-experiments and writing low frequency music for live performance, art installations, expos, films and choreography. Dark Ambient is maybe a good description for the Azure Mortal sound” – quite a statement, this introduction, but to the point for sure. The list of ‘reasons’ to write music for (performance, art installations, enfin, you can read it in my former phrase) gets translated through the huge curriculum vitae by the members involved.


Ovtrenoir is the name behind a new-born collaborative of some known and lesser known names. The project was formed by photographer William Lacalmontie (vocals and guitars), Julien Taubregas (drums; known from The Great Divide), and Dehn Sora (guitars and backing vocals; a musician known from e.g. Treha Sektori or Sembler Deah, and visual artist as well).

Jozef Van Wissem

I have to be honest, but I hadn’t heard of Jozef Van Wissem before. But actually, this guy did win an award in Cannes for the best soundtrack for the movie Only Lovers Left Alive (by James Roberto ‘Jim’ Jarmusch, known from the Coffee And Cigarettes motion pictures especially, I guess). Apparently, Jozef composed some material as well for some of the Sims video games, but with his lute, the guy did reach quite a bigger audience.


You know, I rather prefer an instrumental band than an act with a bad vocalist, and you know, there are quite some instrumental bands or projects that are quite impressive, not needing any vocal support. One of those is Belgium-based act SardoniS, a duo (Jelle Stevens and Roel Paulussen) that was quite silent for a couple of years.


Those who are trusted with Flemish label Consouling Sounds will certainly recognize the name of Aidan Baker.


Vermilion are a Belgian quartet, consisting of Michael Penson (keyboards, synths, sampling, production, mix, mastering), Timmy Segers (6- and 8-string guitars, lyrics and artwork), Tom Vansteenkiste (drums, samples, programming), and Tom Everaert (fretless & 5-string bass).


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