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Since their reunion in 2005, Foreigner has become a very successful unit again, despite only founder Mick Jones remained from the legendary line-up. However with Kelly Hansen he has found not only someone who could match the warm timbre of Lou Gramm but also improve and add his own identity to the vocals of the many classic songs the band has produced in their 40 years of existence. Of course many best of albums have passed the revue but this time a live registration with mainly the ballads was a first.


TheName is a Belgian groov rock/metal band. This is the best way to describe the band, although I would dare to say that they incorporate various other influences like “pop” in their songs.

Deep Purple

With largely 250.000 sold copies, four # 1 and seventeen top ten chart listings, and a new world tour in the pipeline, 2013 was one of the most successful and exciting years in the history of Deep Purple. The release in April of this year of ‘Now What?!’ has been regarded by both fans and critics as one of the best albums in the career of this legendary band. On top of that there’s now a special edition of this album with a live bonus disc. Titled ‘The Now What?!

Andi Deris & The Bad Bankers

Andi Deris , for who we know of being the lead singer of one of the greatest and most popular heavy metal bands worldwide, Helloween. So basically you could have a fair idea of who he is and what he has done already. Now, the man returns with another solo album, witch hasn’t happened since 1999.


Seether is a South African post-grunge/alternative metal band founded in 1999. The band was originally formed under the name "Saron Gas" until renaming it to "Seether" in 2002. The first disc on Seether’s collection is comprised of all fifteen singles the band has released throughout the past eleven years. Tracks like ‘Gasoline,’ ‘Broken,’ ‘Remedy,’ ‘Fake It,’ ‘Rise Above This,’ ‘Country Song’ and ‘Tonight’ all turn up on the collection.

Status Quo

New double album of the legendary boogie rockers where the first disc contains songs inspired by the adventures Status Quo experienced during the making of the movie ‘Bula Quo’ and which also served as soundtrack. The surroundings in Fiji, where the movie was filmed, inspired the band to put some new musical elements to their sound that doesn’t sound like the typical Quo sound. Songs as ‘Looking Out For Caroline’, ‘Mystery Island’ or ‘Bula Bula Quo’ make you feel like you’re on an island full of palm trees and sunny beaches.

Deep Purple

Truly one of hard rock great survivors UK’s Deep Purple return with their 19th album and Now What?! is already being heralded as one of the best records the group has released in not years, but decades.

The Resistance

The Resistance was formed in 2011 and are based in Gothenburg and Stockholm. A fairly young band of witch basically four guys who made up their mind and recorded the music they wanted play for a long time. It turned out to be a combination of good old violent Swedish Death Metal and the raw energy of hardcore that putted a certain smile on their faces. So it has a little Entombed vibe going on. But unfortunately this is a fairly young band so they haven't got a lot of info about them online.


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