Ivan Tibos.


One might not believe it, but there is a very vivid Metal scene at the Philippine islands. That’s the case right now, and it was the case twenty years ago. Unfortunately the scene from that part of our wonderful planet isn’t known at all in our regions, except for underground-traders.

Nero Di Marte

Once formed as Murder Therapy, Nero Di Marte’s constant evolution into extreme and experimental technics comes to its peak with this nameless full length. There are six tracks on the recording, yet the whole lasts for forty eight minutes, so expect no easy-listening effort.

Blood Tsunami

Since the band released their former effort (Grand Feast For Vultures) in 2009, and because three of the members started another band / project (Mongo Ninja) around that time as well, I thought Blood Tsunami were no more. But praise the Gods of Trash! Blood Tsunami are back! This time, the band comes with a new bass player (a guitar player from Sweden, Carl Janfalk) and a new label they signed with (Indie), but that is not the most important difference with the past.


Woodcut released the demo-MCD Grim Death Awaits as an appetizer to this full length (damn, it took very long, too long), but finally we might welcome the first official full length studio album by Finland’s Vorum. I was very pleased with that 2009’s promotional mini-album, so my expectations were high.


Voices are a new project with a couple of former Akercocke-members. And those who are trusted with Akercocke might have a clue about what Voices stand for.


Belgian auto-didactic musician / multi-instrumentalist / composer Mathieu Vandekerckhove is known from his activities in acts like AmenRa, Caan, Sembler Deah or Kingdom, but since ten years, he acts as a solo-artist under the moniker of Syndrome as well. In 2011, for example, he did release the surprising full length Floating Veins (on CD and LP, via ConSouling Sounds).


Sweden’s Skineater are some kind of ‘super-band’ with former and current members of e.g. Wombbath, Carnal Forge and Dark Funeral. The combo recorded this first album at the famous Studio Underground with master / mixer Pelle Saether (think: Fleshcrawl, Necrodeath, Throneaeon, As Likely As Not, Days Of Anger a.o.).

Lovelorn Dolls

Lovelorn Dolls are a young project from Brussels, Belgium, formed a couple of years ago by Bernard ‘Corpus Christi’ Daubresse and Kristell ‘LadyHell’ Lowagie. The latter is a well-known singer, formerly involved with e.g. Valkyre and Skeptical Minds, and part of the The Road To Consciousness Rock / Metal-Opera team as well (that’s where she and Bernard met, by the way). Some might know her as well from her solo-effort Joliet.


The Dutch band Infinity was formed in 1995. Throughout the years, the band recorded a handful of great albums with a same-minded structure, yet with a slight difference in final execution. After lots of changes in line-up and label, Infinity signed to New Era Productions in early 2012, and a first result of this collaboration was the compilation Back To The Source…, an album with re-recordings and cover songs.


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