Ivan Tibos.

Ritual Killing

Ritual Killing are a German Thrash-combo, formed in 2008 in Cobourg and rather inspired by the American scene than the European in general, or the German one more specifically. And with ‘American’ I’m referring to both the North and South American scene.


Suffocation, legendary, an influential monument, a deadly source of inspiration for the worldwide Death Metal scene. Formed twenty five years ago, and except for a five-year break, always on top of the international map. Still with some original members (Mullen, Marchais and Hobbs), and remarkable too: the return of drummer Dave Culross.

Grief Of Emerald

I do really appreciate the things Swedish band Grief Of Emerald has done since the second part of the nineties. Their characteristic Scandinavian-influenced Black Metal did always convince because of the nice symbiosis in between melody, aggression and persuasion, and the members’ craftsmanship is impeccable. Unfortunately, Grief Of Emerald have not been able to reach the upper top because of the overflow on same-minded bands, among which several that are at least as convincing, and probably slightly better.


Seamount were formed about five years ago as a co-operative in between Germany and the U.S.aaj. In their short history, this band did perform on more than just a couple of great events, and they did release several albums, as from 2009 on their current label, The Church Within Records.

Opium Warlords

Opium Warlords, the brainchild of Sami A. ‘Witchfinder’ Hynninen (whom you might know from e.g. Reverend Bizarre, Spiritus Mortis, Armanenschaft, Lohja SS, Punisment, KLV and several more), return with We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky, a five-tracker that lasts for thirty five minutes. We Meditate … is a mainly instrumental record, with an approach rather typifying to Svart Records.


Zaklon are one of the very few bands I know from Belarus (the western part of the former USSR), but with this release they might gain some success outside their home country’s borders. The project was formed at the very end of last century by a guy called Temnarod and this album, with lyrics (again, like the project’s former releases) done in the Belarusian native tongue, was originally recorded during late Spring 2009 and released in a very limited edition in early 2011 through Forestland Prod.


Ævangelist are a Benighted In Sodom-side project, consisting of Ascaris and Matron Thorn. To the core, this project differs a lot from Benighted In Sodom. As a matter of fact, Ævangelist are different from any known music-k-al entity all over the world.


After a break of eighteen years, Finnish band Convulse return with a bright future in mind. In antecedence to the upcoming full length later this year, this band (which was originally formed at the end of the eighties as S.D.S., but due to different circumstances, amongst which military service, mandatory all over Europe in the early nineties, Convulse was put on hold in 1995) recorded two new songs to tease our impatience. And believe me, with this two-tracker, called Inner Evil, Convulse make me inquisitive…


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